Comparison between the AlkaStream and the UltraStream Water Ionizer

 Comparison between the UltraStream and the AlkaStream

     Watch the comparison video here  between the MinWell+, AlkaStream and the UltraStream for Molecular Hydrogen content


AlkaStream – launched in 2010 

Water filter, ionizer, alkalizer, (does not make any molecular hydrogen)

black1UltraStream – launched in 2013

Water filter, alkalizer, ionizer, high-level molecular hydrogen, H2  producer.
Go to the Molecular Hydrogen Institute to find out why you want H2 in your water

The UltraStream

  • The Biggest Benefit above all else is that the UltraStream makes the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, Molecular Hydrogen (H2), and the AlkaStream does not.  As of April 2015, Molecular Hydrogen is the subject of over 500 studies, most of which have been done since 2013. Independently tested by a specialist Biochemist in the USA using Japanese technology.
  • Another huge benefit is that the filter itself is independently tested for life.  Most filters in the market only test the filter when it’s new, and their filtration simply doesn’t last the distance.
  • Removes a far wider range harmful contaminants with the world’s best (USA’s highest water filter certification) approved ingredients
  • Adds more antioxidants, pH and alkaline minerals such as magnesium and calcium
  • Softer water with longer lasting beneficial characteristics due to the use of crystal quartz and ceramic magnets
  • Twice as big a filter which means it lasts twice as long; up to 1 year based on 2L/day each for a family of 4. The AlkaStream filter only lasted 6 months.
  • Much easier to install, use and replace filters. To replace the filter just unscrew from the base and put the new one on. The Alkastream filter was quite difficult to change.
  • Higher quality production in an WQA approved factory with a 3 year warranty. The AlkaStream was made in China.
  • The UltraStream replacement cartridge lasts up to a full year.
  • Independently Tested for Filtration by Griffith University to 3500 litres.
  • Independently tested in the EU to comply with EU’s strict safety standards.
  • Completely made in the USA rather than China where the AlkaStream is made.
  • Easier to install under the sink, using our special vented faucet. Designed by us using our 15 years experience.

Learn more about the powerful alkalizing, ionizing and hydrogen making ability of the UltraStream

More on why the UltraStream is so much better than the AlkaStream –

  1.  The UltraStream makes Molecular Hydrogen and the AlkaStream does not make any.  We did not know this until we received Hydrogen testing liquid (which wasn’t available previously) in March 2015 and tested the AlkaStream.  We had had the UltraStream tested for Hydrogen already by a specialist in the USA but not the AlkaStream.
  2. Although we worked long and hard with our suppliers in China we were not happy with their ongoing quality control. We wanted to be in charge of the result our customers experienced.
  3. We had to arrange to send our catalytic carbon to China. It made more sense for us and for our valued clients to seek a reliable US manufacturer. Now we can more easily access the world’s best filtration media – carbon, heavy metal reduction media and fluoride reduction media – all of which comes from US suppliers.
  4. We had great feedback from our 7000 AlkaStream customers, but we knew we could do better, especially in the new energising media, which lasts longer and gives more consistent results than the Chinese media.
  5. We felt the filter cartridge design could be greatly improved and we wanted to be able to work with someone in the US who had long experience in water filter design. Our manufacturer in California has 30 years experience supplying US filter companies.
  6. Cognizant of changing attitudes towards plastics we wanted the best, EPA approved, food safe plastics used in construction. This has allowed to to pass the rigid European safety standards for water filters – making UltraStream the only water ioniser in the world to do so.

Learn more about the powerful alkalizing, ionizing and hydrogen making ability of the UltraStream

How do I upgrade?

For existing AlkaStream customers wishing to upgrade and benefit from the powerful hydrogen levels produced from the UltraStream, simply email or call 1800 268 469


Please note: Deletions in testimonials made to comply with Australian Law


“I have had I– troubles for about the last 8 years due to work related stress and poor diet. Things got worse when my digestion started to shut down. I discovered that a lack of digestive juices can result from an overly acidic body and so I decided to buy an UltraStream filter to help alkalize my system beside the other good things it does. The AlkaWay Team also provided me with helpful advice on digestion and diet. After only 3 months there has been significant improvement in my I– and sense of wellbeing. Thank you AlkaWay.”

Glynn Korrel AU

“I love the product. Since drinking this water I have shed 15 pounds in all the right places. I have more energy, people say I look 5 years younger and I agree.”

Tracy, Preston ID USA

“I have had D——— type 2 and have been drinking UltraStream water for 6 months and along with dietary changes and drinking the water my D——- is now in remission,” (AlkaStream)


“I have F——— and I normally have to take pain killers for the pain, I started drinking the UltraStream water which my wife had purchased and after 4 months I realised I had not taken my pain killers for the last few weeks. The pain has gone.”

Steve, Deception Bay AU

“I previously suffered from severe t——– and it felt like walking on glass first thing in the morning and after exercise. I started drinking the hydrogen rich alkaline water and after about 3 months I noticed that I was no longer in pain. It’s great to be able to run around again.”

Graham, NSW AU

The UltraStream is definitely superior to my old electronic unit. There’s less clutter and H2O usage! My visitors also like drinking the ‘fresh’ H2O. Because I drink alkalized H2O I don’t take drugs for my arthritis. I only take supplements like Krill oil & mussel.”

Jacqueline, Linfield, Australia