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Molecular Hydrogen Foundation Principal Tyler LeBaron is leading the charge in the Hydrogen Revolution.

This 6+ minute talk demonstrates his awesome knowledge of the therapeutic properties of the world’s smallest molecule, H2.

The Hydrogen Revolution

Ian Blair Hamilton talks more about the molecular hydrogen sports supplement, I LOVE H2

molecular hydrogen Specialist Leon Bartlett talks about a typical customer interaction and how his customer saved over 00.

molecular hydrogen and O.R.P. Confused?

Ian explains the difference.

Generating molecular hydrogen.
The Old and the new way

Ian demonstrates two models of molecular hydrogen portable system.

Co-Founder Cassie Bond discusses molecular hydrogen.

Cassie Bond discusses how to get the best from the I LOVE H2 hydrogen sports supplement.

Founder Ian Blair Hamilton ‘comes clean’ on past claims of electric water ionizers.

Comparison test: molecular hydrogen tested on 3 natural water ionizers.


Tyler LeBaron Biochemist and principal of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation

discusses molecular hydrogen with Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie Bond.

Alkaline Diet

Ian Blair Hamilton welcomes you to the New Alkaline diet and Defence Program

Cassie Bond, co-founder of AlkaWay, discusses the reasons for the New Alkaline Diet.

Alkaline Water

Ian Blair Hamilton discusses the evolution of the world’s best natural water ionizer, the UltraStream, demonstrating the rocky road to the present version.

Water Ionizers

Comparison demonstration of 3 natural water ionizers ability to create molecular hydrogen

Fluoride Risks

Fluoride: Dr Daniel Nuzum discusses its health risks.