The New Generation of Molecular Hydrogen Health Systems



Thank you for choosing to have an open mind and to face the big ethical challenge to all water ionizer vendors.

I’m not going to waste words on this page. You are a professional and I expect that you’ll check out everything I say.

The alternatives to electronic water ionizers come in a number of forms. More way well be on the way, but when they come, you’ll hear about them here.


Natural Water Ionizers

Aug2014-6At time of writing there are around 6 units on the market. A ‘Natural’ Water ionizer usually consists of filtration media plus ionizing/hydrogen producing media.

Our system is the UltraStream. We are on our third model and we are now confident that it has advantages over every other system on the market. It is the only natural water ionizer tested for H2 production. It delivers around 1.1 ppm H2 – almost 4 times higher than an SD501 water ionizer also tested by AquaSciences.

Where it works
The UltraStream is an ideal substitute for an electronic system because it has far better filtration plus excellent H2 production. It may also be installed undersink

Dealers are welcome.

Hydrogen Water devices

h2jugA relatively recent newcomer to the market, hydrogen water devices are basically electronic water ionizers without a filter and without attachment to a faucet. To use it, plug it in and fill the container with water.
Turn it on and in around 3 minutes you will have H2 water with up to 1.3ppm.

At this early stage these devices are selling very slowly because their manufacturer’s cost is as high as an electronic water ionizer WITH filter and flow-through water supply.

Where it’s Best
At this time we don’t see a good usability niche for this product. It doesn’t filter, it doesn’t hold its H2 and it can only make a small quantity.

There are also small handheld battery operated units but again, the price to us is a problem. When we increase demand we will be able to get them made at a better price, allowing better margins for you, the vendor.

Magnesium Stick Product

suisolThere are many magnesium stick products on the market. Most come from China and we do not recommend them. One we have tested uses a special DuPont gas permeable membrane to ONLY permit H2 to pass from the magnesium in the tube. Other sticks allow the magnesium and any impurities into the water. Because most users will attempt to get maximum H2 from the stick by leaving it water overnight, there is the chance of bad taste and contamination, especially from the cheaper models.

Where it works
It’s a good, low cost low performing H2 producer. All you need is the stick and the sachets that go into the stick, and a bottle of water.

Ingestible Tablet/Pill/Capsule

SevenPoint2 Recovery with HydroFXThe most common ingested tab is SevenPoint2’s ‘Recovery HydroFX’, . It is basically magnesium with an outer layer that melts off when it hits the stomach. Once there, the magnesium reacts with the stomach acid to produce molecular hydrogen. We have had good reports on this product. It creates around .5 ppm per tablet in the gut. So one tablet is already better than a litre of electronic water ionizer water served at normal flow rate.

We find that with inflammation issues a dosage of 3 x 3 tabs per day have had some quite stunning results, including for people who have bought water ionizer but had no health change.

Where it works best.
Given the price for 90 tabs is only around $60, HydroFX is a good way to introduce a friend to the benefits of molecular hydrogen. We have found that sportspeople LOVE it.

See all details on our own  website here

Effervescent Hydrogen Tablet

2bottlesA very new product exclusive to AlkaWay Australia, this tablet was developed in collaboration between the Russian inventor, Ian Hamilton and Tyler LeBaron. Unlike the HydroFX, this tablet dissolves completely in water. By popping it into a bottle with a sealable cap, the H2 gets a very good concentration of more than 2ppm, making it far more effective and ‘bang for your buck’ than HydroFX ingestible tabs. It’s called I LOVE H2..

Tablets come in a bottle of 60 and cost $60.

Where it fits.
Because all you need is a water bottle, and a tablet, there is really no need for a water ionizer. If you have an UltraStream, however, you will probably, like us, use the UltraStream hydrogen rich water to ‘brew up’ an even more powerful I LOVE H2 mix.



This gives you a basic overview of the options available to you. I strongly suggest that you do your own research to verify what I have laid out above.