How good is your drinking water?

How good is your drinking water?

If all clean water looks the same, how much can it actually vary? And how much difference can it make to our health?

What makes the UltraStream so good?

The patented 8 step filtration process filters, ionises, alkalises and generates high levels of anti-oxidising molecular hydrogen naturally, for fresh tasting, thirst quenching water. Click here to find out how.

How does the UltraStream compare with other water systems?

Some love their filter jugs, some like their electric ionisers, some enjoy their Reverse Osmosis systems.  Click here to see how they compare and why people end up switching to the UltraStream.

How can I get the UltraStream for my home or office?

You can purchase it online here. The UltraStream can be installed on the benchtop or under the sink with a special vented undersink kit (sold separately). It’s easy to fit and comes with all required parts.

Want to know more about the science?

Download the Molecular Hydrogen report summary below.

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