Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water contains alkaline minerals. You may have seen it in health food stores. Some companies are now delivering it to 7-11s!

It’s the buzzword of the healthy trend set, but is it good for you and do you need to buy it? Few people realise that most people’s home water supply is already alkaline. It’s alkaline because all the water supply is alkaline, or the local water authority has added calcium carbonate to it to make it slightly alkaline. They do this to avoid acidic water eating away at old copper pipes.

Depending upon its actual pH levels, it is healthy water, as evidenced by the metastudy downloadable here.

Should you pay for alkaline water? We’d recommend you check with your local water supply first. If the pH of your water is over pH8, don’t bother. Save the plastic!

pH Water

You’ll also see some water advertised as ‘pH water’. It’s a name concocted by marketers who just don’t understand or care to understand what pH water is – and what alkaline water is.

‘pH’ is an abbreviation of the French ‘Per Hydrogene‘. It denotes a measurement of the amount of hydrogen in water. ‘pH water’ actually means ‘measurement of hydrogen water’.

So… summarizing… pH water is water with hydrogen in it. But it need not be high in alkaline minerals.

This form of water is generated by our UltraStream. (The most comprehensively tested water hydrogen system in the world, easily outperforming water ionizers eight times the price at normal flow rates.

The best way to get Alkaline water is with the UltraStream Water Filtration System

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