Can the Alkaline Diet Cure Cancer?

There have been many people over many years making the claim that an alkaline diet will cure cancer.

In our 18 years of researching the alkaline diet and water, we have had many thousands of people ask us this question.

Back in 2000 we were very optimistic. We shared that optimism with many thousands of other websites on the net, and yes, we did have customers tell us that our alkaline water had healed them.

We were supported in our view by the research by people like Dr. Theodore Baroody, Dr. Robert O Young, Sang Whang, The Gerson diet and many more, lesser known sources.

Today I would be a little less optimistic and naive. I now realise that cancer comes in myriad forms and to apply a ‘cure’ to all cancers is extremely naive. I also realise that we all have cancer. Today it may be dormant, tomorrow not.

Finally, I realise that for every ‘success’ miracle cure story there is one less happy one. There are, it appears, no hard and fast rules.

Can Alkalizing Cure Cancer?

I prefer to ask; can alkalizing prevent cancer becoming active? And when we look at this question we can perhaps rethink how we look at it. Perhaps it’s better to suggest that alkalizing is above all else a health maintenance measure that may assist the body to slow down or halt the activation of cancer.

Everything we read seems to indicate that cancer spreads when conditions for its spread are right. Initially, the Alkaline Diet exponents (us included) claimed that cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. This is false; some cancers actually thrive in an alkaline environment.

However, if we think about a healthy body having the capability of preventing or slowing cancer, then we have to ask what we can do to support the healthiest body possible.

I am always grimly bemused when I see people who have not had one thought for health maintenance their whole lives suddenly become health conscious, go vegan or vegetarian, drink wheat grass and take a mouthful of supplements every few hours simply because NOW they believe they need them – because NOW they have received a negative diagnosis.

If it is true that we all have ’embryonic’ cancer within us, surely our health maintenance regimen is essential now, and not when we receive the feared diagnosis!

Coming back to the main point: I believe from everything I have researched that excess stored toxins and excess inflammation create the conditions suitable for cancer to grow. I am not a doctor and no more qualified than many people reading this, but thanks to ‘Mother Google’, we all have the ability to learn and to make important decisions on our own.


Excess toxins

toxins-in-foodWe have the highest rates of cancer in history, and we have the most toxins by far in history. Cancer rates in the most toxic areas soar. Cancer in primitive regions do not.




health_inflammationToxins are foreigners in our body. They aggravate and irritate our natural tissue and our body’s defence is inflammation. Inflammation’s byproduct is metabolic acidosis. A reasonable conclusion therefore, is that a toxic lifestyle in a  toxic environment eating toxic food and drinking toxic drinks is going to keep us in a  permanent state of inflammation- our body’s only response. And the experts tell us that long term inflammation is a known cancer precursor. So it’s immaterial as to whether it’s the acidity or the inflammation that is causing the right cancer conditions. However, to ignore acidity seems to us a poor choice given that a vicious cycle is happening in every inflamed body. Acidity supports or causes inflammation: inflammation supports or causes acidity.

So… given that inflammation is a natural body response over which we have no power, it makes sense to me that if I can change my lifestyle to reduce acid input and creation in my body, then I can limit inflammation too. and in so doing I am keeping my body ‘cancer proof’ to the best of my ability.


How does alkalizing work?

Firstly, alkalizing has to be understood as a response to acidity. There is a point where acid overload can no longer be simply released via the renal system. At that time the body either stacks it in fat, or uses any other alkaline elements it has in the body to ease the damaging acidity. The most quoted example is the skimming of calcium from our skeleton, and I do wonder about the relationship between modern acidity and the plague of osteoporosis.

Ian’s Summary

  • I am no longer as naively optimistic as I was a decade ago. But I am very optimistic about the ability to ‘tune up’ my body to make it stronger and more capable of maintaining a cancer-free life. My ‘alkaline lifestyle’ is different to the normal diet and I’ve followed it for almost two decades. I am 72. 
  • I do not eat addictive, acidifying sugar or bread. And having gotten over my sugar and wheat addictions my food preferences have changed for the better.
  • I eat grass fed organic meat in small serving sizes far less than my acid addicted self would have wanted.
  • I eat as many dark leafy greens as I can and supplement with AlkaWay Greens.
  • I eat less fructose-rich fruit and more alkalizing berry fruits.
  • I take Alkaline Booster, our alkaline mineral supplement every day.
  • I drink 8 glasses of alkaline hydrogen-rich water, which has been studied (over 1000 studies) for almost every disease condition imaginable – including many forms of cancer.

I have been following the alkaline diet for almost 20 years, but in the last 2 years modified many aspects of the traditional but limited Alkaline Diet, which simplistically separated all foods into either alkaline or acid.

If you’d care to learn more about alkaline diet from our ‘veteran’ team, we’d love to help.




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