June, 2018

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Those of you who received my text email will be aware that we’ve changed the conditions of use of our website. Something called GDPR… (or is it GRDP?) It’s new EU regulations that all websites worldwide must adhere to that tell you how we use your data. In our case our shopping cart uses cookies, so they are essential for us. And… that’s why we are emailing all of our users, not just our HealtheMail subscribers.  Legally, we have to inform you of this new change of policy.

We understand and appreciate the need for people to know what a website does when you visit, so yes, we agree that this new EU legislation is a good thing.

I promised the team here at AlkaWay that I’d get this issue our earlier in the month, and while it’s not the first of the month, it is better.

Maybe next month I can make it happen on the first. Miracles are possible.

Talking Instead of Writing

I decided to make 3 small videos of things that have happened since I contacted you last, rather than write it all down.

There are 3 videos all in one file. I’m looking forward to hearing your comments!

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Have You Mist Me?

We had a huge response to our half price offer of the H2 misting system – Q-Mist. We had to increase our order from the inventor. We hope they’ll arrive early July. When they do, we’ll send them straight away. Please note: some people are wondering why they haven’t received their Q-Mist. We DID tell you from the start that the half price order was based on a factory order AND on the agreement that you’ll let us know what you think of this great little technology.

For those of you who missed out, we’re going to do another special on them when they arrive only for HealtheMail customers.

If you see “Out Of Stock” on our webpage, that only means we’re awaiting new stock and we’ll open it up again when Q-Mist stock arrives.

More News!

Good Jugs

Our mighty ‘Superjug’ is coming along.  We’re looking at having it ready to sell within 3 months.  It’s going to change people’s ideas of what a simple water filter jug can do for health!

There has never been a jug that removes 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and parasites before.

And… heavy metals, chloramines, and a HUGE list of the new nasty contaminants.

Our old Friend, the AlkaPod

The AlkaPod was – and still is – a great little portable water alkalizer. We’ve taken ours all over the world. I well remember buying big bottles of water in Bangkok, then alkalinizing it with my AlkaPod, pouring it back into an empty bottle.

Bangkok was so extremely hot we drank gallons!

We’ve sold thousands over the years and still send them out every week. The only downside of them is that they only hold about 350ml of water, which isn’t enough for a day of alkalising.

So here’s our special for our special HealtheMail subscribers.

The first twenty people to send us a story about how you like us and our products will receive an AlkaPod FREE. Don’t hesitate. Get your list of superlatives out, and go for it! Send your story to us at [email protected].

Oxidative Stress. A Great write-up on the Role of Hydrogen

About 2 years ago I bought my first molecular hydrogen inhaler. Basically, it generates H₂ and delivers it via a canula – a tube and a mask that sits under the nose. It is a great way to go… but expensive.  When I heard my beloved sister in Melbourne had lung cancer (My older sister died of lung cancer a year earlier) – I sent it down to her. She’s been using it every day since. It’s about a year now and she’s still OK. Whew!

So I have been watching the development of this method of molecular hydrogen delivery closely. The first unit I bought was Asian, and a lot has happened since then. I’m creating a link here where you can download an excellent write-up on how molecular hydrogen helps prevent oxidative stress.  If you feel inclined to learn more, contact me personally here.

Much of the scientific literature I read about H₂ is frankly, very scientific and verges on the unreadable. This download is written to be understood. I recommend it.

Diabetes. A PodCast with Our friends in California

John Biethan is our man in California. He’s also a great podcaster, and this week he talked with Steve Hanna of the California Hydrogen Water Company. Steve is a certified molecular hydrogen specialist, so he’s deep into how molecular hydrogen helps us. (There are now over 1,000 scientific studies!)

Here’s the link to the podcast between John and Steve.

Listen for the section (34 minutes) on increasing the thickness of your heart wall!


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