Kinetic Water Energizers

The AlkaWay philosophy has always been to give our customers the world’s best filtration technology, the world’s best alkalizing technology, and the world’s best hydrogen water technology.

We believe we’ve achieved all of that in UltraStream.

We designed UltraStream based upon our accumulated 14 years of experience in all three areas: filtration, alkalizing and molecular hydrogen.

And yet.. there is one area of water technology we have not been able to master.

It’s known as water energising. Its history stems from Victor Schauberger’s water vortex philosophy, and although never accepted as mainstream it has always had some form of product designed to ‘energise’ our water.



Kinetic Energised Water.
Better taste, better skin, less calcium scale, better veggie garden, cleaner less costly swimming pool, longer lasting water filter life, longer lasting hot water system, dishwashers, washing machines, kettles, no build up on shower screens, no calcium spots when washing cars, no build up on toilet bowls…. and much more!

Take 5 minutes to learn what it means to YOU.


Kinetic Water Units are engineered to mimic how nature purifies and energizes water. Water flowing over patented forms within the unit creates a toroidal vortex. The dynamic toroidal vortex draws in natural energies. Together with the vortex motion this becomes the mechanism responsible for giving water its critical functions of renewal and life support. Quotes claim that vortex flow technology combined with the transfer of natural EMF frequencies into the water, equips the water to re-mediate all forms of pollution in the water by transforming toxic electromagnetic frequencies and corrupted molecular compounds back to their healthy elemental state.

Energised water

Viktor Schauberger studied water in nature. His fundamental conclusion was that turbulent water, or water that passes through vortexes has different properties to ordinary ‘still’ water.

It has been called many things, including living water, energised water, kinetic water, grander water… but its properties are fundamentally the same.

Users report that Kinetic water:

  • Helps digestion
  • Increases energy
  • Improves skin health
  • Increases crop yields, reduces agricultural water needs
  • Increases flock and herd health
  • Reduces and removes accumulated calcium deposits on hot water systems, dishwashers, kettles, shower screens, shower heads, washing machines, coffee machines refrigerator water chillers and water filters.
  • Reduces spa or swim pool operating costs.


Hot water system $2000, Solar Hot water system $5000, Dishwasher $1000, Water filter $600, Swim pool chemicals $500, Kettle $50….

Here at AlkaWay we’ve searched for solutions that we can support locally and internationally.

(We like our life as it is and are very careful that a new product doesn’t change this with customer complaints!)

When we discovered the Australian designed HOMEedge, we were thrilled! We had our own reasons beyond the many uses listed above. A BIG problem for all water filters is dissolved calcium, so common in water supplies all over the world. In the case of electronic water filter/ionizers, it’s a serious problem as the electrolysis process causes the calcium to drop out of its dissolved state and become ‘sticky’. clinging to everything, including the internals of the unit. In our natural filter/ionizers we had far less problem because we did not use electrolysis, but calcium always reduces the effective life of any filter as it coats the surfaces of the filtration and alkalizing media. HOMEedge converts dissolved calcium (CaCO3) to a different form of calcium known as Aragonite.


aragoniteAragonite is not a ‘sticky’ calcium and therefore does not accrete on surfaces.
Using HOMEedge we have found that calcium already accumulated on places like shower screens slowly dissolve, remaining clean and clear. The results showed it reduces chlorine and 29% of fluoride. It does not remove the contaminants that the UltraStream is designed to remove, so used with the UltraStream we achieve our goals of energised water, pure water, alkaline water and hydrogen rich water. and it’s still thousands of dollars less than electric systems that give far less performance.

To comply with our philosophy, we insisted that the inventor submit HOMEedge to the same independent university laboratory testing that we used with the UltraStream. Our experience after 16 years is to not believe any filter or water system efficiency claims unless independent test results are supplied.

With a HomeEdge system installed on your main water inlet, you can expect all of the benefits above, and if you own an UltraStream, you’ll enjoy better filtration for longer, along with simply better water. Yes, given most UltraStream owners already say their water is the best in the world, that’s a big call. But true.

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HOMEedge also comes in a travel version and a commercial version.
The travel version may also be used inline with our UltraStream where you have chosen not to – or cannot – install the HOMEedge to supply all your home’s water.

spanner-iconINSTALLATION simple. HOMEedge goes inline on your cold water line. Once installed you never need to worry about it again. Plumbers like it. It’s easy to install and is Watermark approved.
Max Operating Pressure 750kpa
Minimum Operating Pressure 10 degrees C
Maximum Operating Temperature 25 degrees C
Maximum flow rate 24.75 L/Min @ 500 fPa

Download Installation Manual here

The ‘edge’ comes in 3 versions.

HOME edge and TRAVELedge

We understand that, like us, you may have a healthy skepticism about this technology. This video on water and memory research by German scientists may help.