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Looking to future-proof your business?

  • Are you serious about water – especially healthy water?
  • Want to expand your business with strong maintained margins, and reliable recurring upsell opportunities?
  • With strong, market leading, internationally recognised brands, within a high quality, non-price-sensitive and low-competition niche.
  • Do you differentiate yourself with quality, expertise and customer service and not just price?

AlkaWay is Australia’s leading healthy water brand

Why partner with AlkaWay?

  • Australia’s leading wholesaler of alkaline and hydrogen water products.
  • We are NOT volume distributors looking for the biggest retailers, AlkaWay is specialised in quality, looking to partner with the best retailers and distributors, to truly service and grow the healthy water filter market.
  • We manufacture based on quality, not a cheap price point – all of which result in easier sales and less follow up.
  • We offer a peace of mind, 3-year warranty on our main water filtration system, the UltraStream.

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