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Your HealtheMail June 2020

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

Ian’s Monthly Pick of Fun Website LinksHey Team! Ian here.

I’ve decided to do my HealtheMail slightly differently this month.

I’m creating a page with all the info plus all the links to all the amazing things I’ve been looking at this month. Here goes…



This month:

  • A story of my skin and carbs.
  • H2 and Skin. What it means to you, to zits and wrinkles.
  • How’s our jug being received?
  • COVID news and useful links for better understanding on how to stay safe.
  • My Alzheimer’s 9 years later.
  • Business with purpose – Our charity decision.
  • If you just want to know what our specials are this month, Click here.

Winter has come. Ouch!

FIVE degrees this morning here in Byron Bay!

It means you’re going to use more energy 24/7 than in summer where your internal workings are around the same temperature as your outsides. This is Alkaway Greens weather, molecular hydrogen weather, and even – if you are into physical work or play – I LOVE O2 weather.

My (your?) Skin and Carbs.

This is a personal story. In scientific terms, it’s an n=1, meaning a sample of one.

But… I’m simply going to relate my story of my skin.

As a freckled Scottish skinned teen living in Victoria, I found surfing. I surfed like there was no tomorrow. I took 19 days off school in my final term to get Bells Beach at its best with just me and a mate.

But… my skin paid a heavy price. And today my regular visit to my skin specialist is always evidence of the results of those halcyon, sun-drenched seaside days.

So here’s my share.
I have loads of skin problems. And some turn nasty and have to be removed. Nothing unusual there… except for when I went keto. When I got off the carbs and sugars, my new skin cancer and precancer excrescences slowed almost to a standstill.

Then last year I slipped. I indulged. Not so much in sugar, but in fruit. Fructose. Too much fruit. And it was just obvious that my rate of new problem blemishes suddenly increased.

I’m back on my keto alkaline diet again. And my skin’s degradation has once more slowed down.

Go figure.

H2 and Skin

Many customers availed themselves of our special offer of the Hydrogen Pod and our Q-Mist H2 skin spray. Here’s what one of you had to say. The offer, by the way, is still open.

The Q-Mist is Wonderful !!! I brought one for myself but my daughter kept taking it so I brought her one as a gift, she takes it everywhere, really hydrates skin. I found that using Q-Mist is really refreshing/hydrating for the skin. A big bonus for me, I no longer have to buy eye drops for dry eyes as the moisturising mist used once or twice a day over my eyelids, around my eyes and in my eyes works wonders:) Also a great wound cleanser. This is really a great product, buy one, you will never regret the investment.

How’s our new Biocera Jug being received?

Well, we have had to make a quick order on the factory: we’ve sold far more than we expected. Maybe this is why:
(A review from a happy customer)

..Really excellent to see Alkaway stocking this lovely South Korean made filter jug and supplying the cartridges at a reasonable price!

I was using it several years ago however the cost of the filters became prohibitive just have a look on eBay to see what I mean I used to get a triple pack for around $60 but for some reason they doubled and tripled in price virtually over night so I stopped using. It has been available in Canada under a different guise in a sort of “party plan” fashion. However, again the cost of filters were too prohibitive for me.

Everything mentioned is true regarding this filter when I did my own testing however I was never fully convinced as to the efficiency of the actual filtration system itself in regards modern city waters so the advice was to put pre-filtered water into it first. Interestingly I would use AlkaWay’s original US made media pitcher to then run that through this one which really extended the life of a filter. The only thing I didn’t test for was hydrogen readings could you guys possibly test that for us?

Otherwise a fabulous filter jug. You really notice the difference drinking this water believe me!
– Rick

COVID News and Views

Here at alkaWay, Joanna, our accounts manager has assumed direction of the many things we have to do in the office on a daily basis to be COVID-compliant.

If you are anything like me you are sick to death of COVID scare articles.

As my readers know, my beautiful partner, Cassie is a very, very good researcher who saved me from mental deterioration with her discovery of coconut oil’s secret properties. So when she talks about what she discovers about COVID, I listen! Here’s what she found useful:

  • Elevated blood sugar increases COVID-19 risk even without a diabetes diagnosis: here
  • Australian doctor’s views on the relationship of COVID to metabolic syndrome. here  (25 years old or less? It applies to you too!) (here’s one amazing fact from him: the reason many of us get sleep apnea is that our tongue (like the rest of us) gets fat!)

Post-COVID work.
Is it going to be the same as before? A good article worth five minutes at least.

Does the stomach dissolve CV-19?
We had some calls and emails from customers who saw a post on Facebook by a competitor who also sells water alkalizers. They claimed that sipping water would wash the virus into your stomach where it will meet an acidic end. Ouch! US watchdog and topped the list of false statements about CV-19.
And why did our customers call us? Because the company involved has a name very close to ours.

My latest Alzheimers report:
9 years on I still have my faculties – phew.

More articles we’ve posted this month

Acidosis Explained and How to beat it- fast here

Breaking all the rules of propriety in advertising. This KickStarter campaign could truly be called a “bummer”.

It’s arrived: the new and improved Alkaline Booster

12 Minutes to knowing what matters about molecular hydrogen and CV-19. Here

A life without coffee? here

Alkaline Curry? Yep! And it’s great! here

Hydrogen Water, Wrinkles, Zits and General Skin Health: A report

Business with Purpose

We like to think that we contribute to people by helping them with their water woes. But we’ve also wanted to do more. That’s why we’ve supported various charities as they needed it 0 and felt good about it!

We’ve had a GREAT year here at AlkaWay and so we’ve made a decision. From July 1, we’ll be contributing one dollar in every ten we make to charities. We are looking at two charities we think need support. One is to protect our native birdlife, another to protect our frogs.



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