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Yes, but WHY does hydrogen water affect Diabetes?

The obviously real stories we get from Diabetes sufferers makes us all wonder exactly HOW the water might have a hand in the change. Bill Young, a contributor to our Hydrogen water group, posits:

69845 452598548521 5798128 n” It is my understanding that H2 water does help the islet cells recover their insulin creation functions thru its antioxidant properties. Inflammation attacks and damages the islets and impairs or disables them. I believe this is why I have been able to reduce the insulin dosage of some of my Type 1 diabetic clients. Of course there is also the autoimmune aspect that affects many T1 diabetics sometimes initiated by gluten intolerance. Avoiding gluten and consuming cultured and fermented foods may also help certain T1 diabetics. Looking forward to what the experts have to say on this topic.”

Ian: Amen, Bill!

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