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What’s best to get molecular hydrogen? Water or Turmeric?

Turmeric: The ‘Wonder Spice”.
whiteUSjpgTurmeric has long been recommended as a natural anti-inflammatory. Dr Joe Mercola goes further. He says it is also good for the joints, the skin and digestion. Further, he says it supports your body’s immune system by its antioxidant properties.

We’re not going to argue. But we’d simply point out the ‘why’ of all of these admirable properties.

It’s because turmeric, when digested, releases molecular hydrogen. So the question becomes not turmeric vs. H2 water, but which way is best for you to obtain sufficient H2 in usable form.

Turmeric is sold in our local farmers’ market. It looks lovely – not unlike an orange ginger rhizome.. but is this the best way to get the benefits of H2? Hell no!

Raw Turmeric isn’t as good as dried turmeric powder, and there are a host of specialised delivery systems that the chemists have come up with. They did this because we already know that raw and even powdered turmeric, whether it is organic or not, has poor bioavailability and fast loss from within the body.

And if the reason we use turmeric (apart from being a lovely additive to a good curry) is to avail ourselves of all of those benefits.. why wouldn’t we simply drink hydrogen water like we get from the UltraStream.. especially when we know that it has been tested and found to be the best H2 producing water ionizer.. four times better than $4000 electric units!

It’s a pity we don’t have data on actual uptake of H2 from Turmeric, given that we do have it for the UltraStream. If anyone reading this has such info, please let me know!


  1. Kate Sisco

    Would Ionic magnesium liquid be satisfactory?

    1. No, Kate, it would not

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