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What About Metabolic Typing?

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

A friend said she had tried the low carb diet years ago and it didn’t work for her.  She told me it made her feel unwell and that she needed carbs because that was her Metabolic Typing.  I wondered at the time whether this would be something that would come up for a lot of people who have learned about the Metabolic Typing diet, as they are not warned of the healing symptoms that do occur on the Alkaline Paleo diet.

One thing I did notice about my friends eating habits was that she ate quite a bit of sugar.  Sugar is not necessary and is indeed damaging in any ones diet even if you are a Carbohydrate Type.

The Metabolic Typing Diet does have some credibility.  In this type of diet we are supposed to identify which type we are:  The Carbohydrate Type, The Protein Type or The Mixed Type from where our ancestors came from.

Our genetics play a role in whether we can better tolerate grains, fruit or dairy.

When you start to eat an Alkaline Paleo diet you may begin to feel unwell. Is this because you really are a Carbohydrate  Type Metabolizer and so this diet is not right for you?  The trouble if you have already been eating a high carb diet then it would be difficult to tell whether this was true or not as feeling unwell could very well be from the healing reactions that your body is going through due to the nourishing foods you are now eating.

Regardless of what ‘type’ we belong to. we need to make sure that our candida is under control and our gut is healed before we start to reintroduce carbs.  Our cravings for wheat, dairy and high carb foods and their opioid -like affect on the brain will override our true body instincts.

Once our gut is healed our healthy instincts will come back and we will be able to tell exactly what it is we need.

When going through the healing symptoms on this diet it is a really good idea to have someone who we can talk to who has some experience of what it can feel like in the initial stages.  No one is going to know exactly how it’s going to be for us but they can have a fair idea and give us reassurance that the ‘off’ feelings will not last.


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