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What a Testimonial for reducing carbs!

“This is anecdotal, n=1 family, but in my extremely insulin-resistant family, eliminating most carbohydrates has resulted in reversal from a plethora health issues including ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, depression, eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia), chronic fatigue, obesity, and pre-diabetes (reactive hypo/hyper-glycemia). In my case, a ketogenic diet has proven to be nearly miraculous in improving my health and giving me phenomenal strength and energy along with keeping my weight at an optimal level while eating to satiety at every meal. I am nearly 61 and feel better than I did at 40 when I was eating “heathy whole grains” and restricting fat.

I am of the strong opinion that following Dr. Perlmutter’s dietary guidelines is worth a try for anyone. One size does not fit all and each person may find a tolerance for varying amounts of starches and fruits (Dr. Atkins’s concept of the individual “critical carb level” is a vary valid approach) but there is no danger whatsoever to at least giving the low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle a try.

I will never “go back.”

Peggy Holloway

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