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Welcome Sandy!

Sandy is our first client on our brand spankin’ new US website. We would love a thousand customers just like her!


“”I just ordered your UltraStream. Can’t wait till it arrives. I also wanted to let you know I watched your videos and read your Alkaline Paleo Diet blog. I also have dealt with IBS (45 years). Mine started at a very young age and in my early  20’s I began the search for the proper diet to control the effects of IBS. I’ve gone through the gambit – vegetarian, vegan, raw and then about 8 months ago switched to Paleo. I make my own Kefir from grass fed cows and just recently started making  Kombucha.  After all my experiences and research I also believe Paleo is the best route to go. I’m still not cured but feel so much better. With your website you have the ability to pass this great information along to so many people and it’s so wonderful to see you doing so. I applaud you for taking the time and caring enough about others health to do this. I do it on a personal level but you have the means to reach so many more people. That says a lot about you as an individual.

I’m glad to be one of the first in the USA. I’m sure it won’t take long for your product to pickup here. Word of mouth spreads quickly.  Good luck on your sales and if all goes well with the UltraStream/” title=”UltraStream”>UltraStream, I will be back to order more products.”





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