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Weight Loss from Alkalizing with SevenPoint2

I’m getting excellent reports from people taking on the weight loss challenge using our new SevenPoint2 aproducts in a method recommended by Dr Howard Cohn, cofounder of SevenPoint2.

I’m going to cut and paste info about it below. If you feel like it’s time for a life change, contact us and we’ll arrange a program for you. And don’t forget the before and after pics!

[blockquote align=””]”The SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program is the ONLY Alkaline Diet System on the market that decreases the acidic environment of the body causing rapid body fat loss, optimal health, strength, endurance and an incredible overall sense of well-being. *

Great tasting 7.2 Protein Shake, made with organic ingredients, will naturally decrease hunger and sugar cravings.
7.2 Organic Greens will kick start your metabolism and gently cleanse your system to optimize your weight loss, providing all your daily vegetable requirements in one delicious serving.
7.2 Alkaline Booster will help you sleep better and alkalize your body to help support maximum weight loss.
Finally, our 7.2 Recovery HydroFX is your ‘secret weapon’ in staying fit and feeling young as it reduces inflammation and allows you to be more active during your transformation, now available in convenient tablets and in powder form.

Trans-for-ma-tion (noun) : a seemingly miraculous change in appearance.”[/blockquote]


The SevenPoint2 program is simple, easy, cost effective, great tasting and the key is alkalinity. When you eat acidic foods, it sends the body into a fight or flight response causing it to store the excess acid as fat. When you eat alkaline foods, your body tends to emulsify fat (takes big fat and turns it into little fat) making it easier for the body to further digest and eliminate. This one fundamental key is what makes the SevenPoint2 Alkaline Weight Loss Made Simple the only program of its type to produce REAL lasting change.

weight loss products image chart

weight loss products image 4 life

Mood, self-esteem and physical appearance fuel the most powerful aspect of our Alkaline Diet and Weight Loss Made Simple Program which is LASTING change. *


Because Weight Loss Made Simple is so simple easy and cost effective, you lose the weight and most importantly KEEP the weight off. Our alkaline diet also makes you feel better because you are seeing REAL weight loss and physical change that YOU have accomplished. Mood, self-esteem and physical appearance fuel the most powerful aspect of our Alkaline Diet and Weight Loss Made Simple Program which is LASTING Change.*


Let’s get you going! Contact us now and we’ll arrange delivery of your products.

2 – 7.2 Shakes
2 – 7.2 Greens
1 – 7.2 Alkaline Booster
1 – Recovery With HyrdoFX

Retail Price: $344.97


Call us and we’ll organise it.
Or… Organise a slimmer’s party, and make a business out of your diet!