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Andy Jenkins is one of my fave website gurus. He’s the numero uno in teaching video skills. Take a look at what Andy sent me today; Gotta love it!


Allow me to come to the point (I mean it’s not like I’m going to start making any more sense, so don’t get too excited)…

–> Everything that’s happened to me thats GOOD…  everything that’s lead me to this or any other big milestone in my life, to this level of success or satisfaction…

…it’s all been powered by a single phrase – a belief that’s written in red capital letters on my white board – a phrase that I start the beginning of every important project with –  it’s an email signature that freaks out new team-memebers, staff, and subcontractors alike…




Wait – stay with me, just give me a chance to explain…

I don’t know what your gene pool looks like, but I come from a family where my grandfather died (on my 15th birthday) when he was 55.   That age that he died is just a little more than a decade of time away for me.

That means that in the grand scheme of things, my time left in this side-show called life might be… more limited… than most.

Bottom Line – there’s no time left to screw around.

Every day, you’re either fighting, and I mean fighting HARD for a personal victory, the next satisfying moment, the next permission to be happy…

…or, you are DYING.

Those are my choices – Victory or Death – and being what they are, I have chosen to try to go as BIG as possible.

And buddy, you should, too.  NO lie – TRUE Story.

Because you know what happens if you set your sights on a FRICKING SPECTACULAR result and miss your goal?


You end up with just Awesome.


Or… in my case my work gets called “Taut”, “Bad-Ass”, and “BIZZARE”  :-)

And YES!  I’ll take it!  Cause I’d rather be known for and stand for SOMETHING worth a headline, blog post, review, re-tweet, FB Photo Tag – WHATEVER – GOOD or BAD…


I’ll take that rather than pass quietly on into the homogenized masses leaving no evidence, not even a trace of a life that was attempted to be lived… a little less than ordinary.

Sometimes, the tell-tale signs of my effort may look more like a skid mark, the occasional crater, or a towering inferno of mis-steps that get left in my wake, but every now and then if you’re not careful….

…some cosmic tumblers all click into place at once and you end up slack jawed, standing numbed, dumbfounded and in awe and stomach-acid churning disbelief at….

…what YOU just accomplished.

No –  No you don’t have to win.


Because the fact is – you just don’t know…

You have just no idea what your upside is.  You just don’t know what your maximum speed or RPM limit is.


Don’t think you can kick ass?  HOW DO YOU KNOW? Have you TRIED?


Don’t think you can have EVERYTHING you want in life?  WHO TOLD YOU THAT? Unfriend that bastard NOW!

Think it’s going to take longer than you want?  SO WHAT?  I’m marching towards 50 and guess what?

I feel like I’m just starting to get somewhere, not a moment too soon.

And that’s AWESOME – because when I woke up today, I was further along than I was yesterday.  I remember thinking the same thing… 20 years ago.  And so it goes, because:

Success is a CHOICE, my love.


What you choose to do and what you choose to believe will govern everything.

What do YOU choose?

VICTORY?  Or the next excuse? Do you chose the next imperfect situation that makes you choke off your effort. Are you waiting for a better time?  Better understanding? Want less stress, less risk?  Afraid of failing, being laughed at, scored, criticized, embarrassed?


Repeat after me:  I am as good as I want to be.


Say it every morning – before you check email – before you boot-up, before your protein shake… After you pray.

Victory or Death.  Break it down and choose – every decision, every thought, every action that moves you towards one result or the other.

No! No one is going to give you permission to try to be great.


…so don’t ask.  Take it.


Strap on your Cape.  Pull on your boots.  Synch up your belt and show YOURSELF what “BAD ASS” looks like.

I’m really not all that special — despite my occasional success.

But you just can’t kill me.  I won’t ever give up.

So, Victory is the only radio-button on my user interface that is left to push.  Even if those Victories are small, humble, and quaint – or bigger than I deserve them to be.


Try installing one of those buttons on your User Interface.  Push it often.

Funny Coincidence: The inflight magazine on the last plane ride I took has an article headline that says:

“You need one person to believe in you in your entire life – just one”

Look in the mirror and…



‘Cause that’s ALL you’ll ever need.

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