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Undersink Kits for water ionizers. They’re all the same, right? Wrong!

When you’ve seen as much as we have, you understand that good quality fitting matter. We had one customer with our old AlkaStream in WA. His AlkaStream blew up, flooding his kitchen. Our insurance company was not amused. We no longer sell this unit and have been helping people upgrade to the UltraStream with an undersink conversion kit that WE designed, using NSF approved fittings instead of what we got from our Asian AlkaStream maker.

I recently installed an UltraStream in an old friend’s home. She told me her tale of woe. She had been in her 2-storey home only one week when she came home to find the whole ground floor flooded. The insurance company came to the rescue with giant blowers, she and her family had to move out for a week, but the insurance assessor told her that this was quite common now because all our plumbing fittings came from China and they simply did not last as long as the old Australian made ones.

So I reluctantly post this picture showing the latest vendor of the same model as the old AlkaStream from the same factory. You’ll see it on E-Bay or in health food shops. Of course, it is cheaper than our UltraStream because it is NOT made in the USA. But as you’ll see in the pic, what you get is NOT approved fittings.


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