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Trust your landlord. He said the water was good….

Residents of a building in Saudi Arabia had banged the head of the landlord about the change in the taste of the drinking water until they decided to act on their own. When they opened the water tank on the roof, they found a dead man inside.

The residents of the building in the western town of Makkah had noticed the change for two days before the stench from the decomposing body began to pervade their flats.

“When they opened the tank, they found a dead man…they notified the police who took the body to the coroner to determine the cause of the man’s death,” Al Madina daily said, adding that police did not find signs of bruises on the body.

Ian: Here in Australia we’re much better off. We just get dead frogs, dead snakes and dead possums in our home water tanks. Oh yes, and bats.