Toxic Blue Green Algae

“A State of Emergency” — Toxic Algal Blooms in Florida and Around the Globe Choke Waterways
Waterways in Florida — and in many parts of the world — are under siege from toxic algae blooms that are killing fish, choking cities’ fresh water supplies, harming ecosystems, and cutting into recreation and tourism revenue.

Two weeks ago, fresh water estuaries near Orlando were transformed from a calm blue into a toxic, fluorescent green matt of algae, while dangerous blooms across China and India have put already stressed water supplies at risk. In Florida last week, Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in four counties and pleaded with the Obama administration to declare the region a national emergency.

We remember the blue green algae outbreak in Australia that had us importing water filters by the jumbo-load. Just one more reason to have a GOOD water filter system on hand. Like…