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So you think YOU have bank problems?

We love this. Cassie is our Support Manager ad has been on a fast learning curve in how to best serve our customers. It’s not always easy, because some customers are seriously in ‘victim’ mode and don’t seem to appreciate being treated well. They are so ready to jump down her throat that they can’t actually hear that they’ve actually found someone who really does know what she’s talking about. Luckily for us and them, these are the 1 in a hundred exception. Most people appreciate what she does.

What a month we’ve had! We have sold over 100 UltraStreams already. The really encouraging thing is how many of our orders come from people who have been approached by the big MLM electric ionizer company to buy a $4000 unit. These people have not taken the word of the salesman and have done their research. Well done!

I’m on a water binge. It may sound strange for someone but the other day i saw a video of an executive of another MLM water ionizer company and the guy in the video had DIET COKE on his desk! It got me thinking… how was my own water habit going> How often did coffee or tea take its place? So I’m back into it. Up to 3 litres today!

What is your experience at keeping up a good water habit?

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