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The 2 Reasons We Give Up the Alkaline Paleo Program

From Cassie Bond, 

I’d like to talk about two of the most important reasons I believe people give up using the program. It’s often those of us with health challenges that do give up before we even get to see the benefits.

I want to talk about the problems I have had, and have seen other people encounter in the first stages of this program. I will talk about the changes that we go through as our bodies adjust from a glucose burning body to a fat burning body. The other important thing I am going to talk about today are the “healing reactions” we encounter on our journey to good health. These healing reactions are another reason why we give up and go back to a high carbohydrate diet.

In the first few weeks to 2 months of starting the alkaline paleo program, we will encounter an uncomfortable period of change over, from a glucose burning body to a fat burning body. This period of change over is inevitable as the body changes from using one fuel as a source of energy to using another. The length of time this change will last depends on our personal genetics and our health history.

These changeover symptoms are usually just plain tiredness and sometimes there are flu like symptoms also which may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. There are those of of us who will hardly even notice the difference but most us will have a sense of real tiredness, we will urinate a lot, have cramps and we will have foggy thinking.

One of the most important things to do to ease the symptoms in this adjustment period is to make sure we are getting plenty of Celtic sea Salt. This will make the process so much easier. The salt will help with the excess urination, tiredness and muscle cramping.

The changeover of the bodies fuels can also cause some depression. This is because the chemicals in the brain are readjusting as they are no longer receiving the opioid like reactions from the wheat and the dairy we have been eating, nor are we getting the blood sugar level highs from the high carbohydrates foods.

But don’t worry, I can guarantee these highs, and of course the inevitable lows that follow, will be replaced by a much more calm and stable mind when you have gone through the initial adjustments.

We need to make sure we can get plenty of rest in this changeover period as the body is doing a lot of work to get us well. It’s a good idea at this stage to start nurturing ourselves in ways that don’t include the old habits of eating high carb comfort foods. We can start doing really nice things for ourselves like taking a walk, reading a great book, having an Epsom salt bath, keeping a journal, meditating, watching a funny movie or just taking a nap.

Now the other reason we may give up the alkaline paleo diet is this. We all believe that when we start eating better we should start getting progressively better from our health challenges. This seems to make total sense right?

No, it’s not like this and I will tell you why.

Many of us who try the alkaline paleo program do so to heal from chronic health challenges that could have been present in the body anywhere from 6 months to many many years to even a lifetime.

When the body is chronically unwell it’s only option for our survival will mean putting some not imminently life threatening health challenges into deeper levels of our body. It leaves them there, till hopefully one day, it will be strong enough to deal with them.

As the body gets the nutrition and cleansing it needs it begins unwinding the deeper layer issues and with this unwinding we may feel ‘sick’ with different symptoms which can be confusing if we don’t understand what is happening.

I call these symptoms ‘healing reactions’ . Healing reactions occur because the body is finally able to deal with these deeper layer issues. Healing Reactions show us that we are now capable of deep healing and they are a great sign.

How can we tell whether what is happening to us is a ‘Healing Reaction’ or that we are just plain getting sicker?

First it is important to know that we must stay on the diet and not cheat to really know if these reaction are healing reactions If we cheat there will be reactions in the body to the cheat foods and these are not healing reactions. These reactions can be quite strong as your body says absolutely “no” to the cheat food and lets you know it. Cheat reactions can last for days after the cheat.

This is how to tell the difference between a ‘healing reaction’ or just plain getter sicker.

Just before we get healing reactions we will start to feel much better and will have more energy. Then in the next day or couple of days, we will find a ‘healing reaction ‘ will occur and we won’t feel good or we will even feel downright awful. Then after maybe a few day to a week we will start feeling good again. This will repeat until all our health challenges are gone.

At this point I would like to say, if you are at all worried about any reactions then it is important that you check with your doctor as it might be something that needs quick attention.

I have heard some people say that they aren’t doing well on a low carb diet and so they start to eat potato or white rice to get more carbs and then say they start to feel a lot better.

Watch out for this, as what is happening is that the healing reactions are actually being halted from the high carb intake and these people are also getting a blood sugar high.

If you do feel the need for more carbs eat some more vegetables, such as cauliflower, zucchini or eggplant as these are carbohydrates but they will not spike your blood sugar nor stop the healing reactions. Spiked blood sugar causes an ageing cascade in the body and is counter productive to healing and longevity.

I hope this helps to bring some reassurance that its ok to have healing reactions . I can honestly say I have now observed enough absolute healing in people from chronic ill health to know that these ‘healing reactions’ are a normal part of the process of total healing

If you let me know of your healing reactions I can help you with ways you can ease some of the discomfort. We really don’t want to resort to drugs if we can help it as this would be counter productive to the healing process.

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