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The last Roundup for Roundup

An EU-wide ban on Monsanto’s leading global pesticide, Glyphosate, is being called for by Germany’s state consumer protection ministers following its categorisation as being carcinogenic by the WHO.

Germany’s state ministers called for “the supply to and use by private persons to be banned for precautionary reasons” on the 8th May 2015. Glyphosate, marketed by Monsanto as ‘Round-Up’, is the most commonly used pesticide worldwide but chairman of the Consumer Protection Minister Conference, Christian Meyer, believes that the “pesticide should not be found in gardens, parks or on children’s playgrounds” and he does not “think use in private gardens is appropriate.” If you’d like to get involved in the actions against this corporation and their harmful chemicals, you can attend the March Against Monsanto. Events take place all over the world this weekend on the 23rd May.
See you there!