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The Disadvantage of Natural Water Ionization with the UltraStream

You’ll pay more for your filter.

After all it’s a fabulous filter, it’s much bigger than the standard electric filter, and we just decided to spare no expense in the world’s best highest performance filtration media. Compare this to the filters supplied as standard from the top end electric water ionizer people.

Theirs will normally last around six months. Ours will give you an extra 50% life – always depending upon your water quality. 

But, really, we are talking about whole categories of contaminants the standard $4000+ ionizer doesn’t filter out, that we will talk about in my final reason to save $3850+ right now!



The nasties listed below are just a few of the common  contaminants in the water from our home faucets today.

At AlkaWay we insisted on their removal in the new UltraStream. We understand and respect the health implications of a cheap filter.

Chloramines; the ‘bad brother’ of chlorine that many councils are converting to for cost savings. Ordinary carbon found in  lost electric units doesn’t remove it.

Fluoride: we don’t get it all, but a standard carbon filter gets none. We do as good as we can short of the 99% you would get from an RO system with none of the energizing benefits.

Heavy Metals; not just at the beginning of your filter life; for all of its life. You’re as safe on the day you replace your filter as you are on the day you begin.

Hard water minerals that play havoc with electric powered ionizers.

Add to that…


a Quick word about hard water. That’s water with an excess of calcium and/or magnesium in it.
The majority of electric water ionizer vendors have woken up to the problem with hard water. Those that haven’t either woken up or acknowledged it… well, they are going to have problems. That’s why you’re beginning to see clauses like the one below in their warranties: … and that’s why we employ a full time repair manager.
Here’s an extract from one recently changed
electric water ionizer vendor’s warranty. 
“The warrantor is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage, for damages arising out of the use of any unauthorized attachment, or for damages resulting from the use of the product with defective water faucet and or water that is judged by the local authorities as “Hard”.”   

Am I saying our UltraStream won’t have problems with hard water? Yes I am.

It won’t have problems with hard water because it doesn’t concentrate hard water minerals calcium and magnesium like an electric ionizer. It lets them in and they pass straight though, making your alkaline water even better.

“When you think about it, the electric ionizer was a good idea in a bad environment. If it wasn’t for the fact that it concentrates calcium, and that vast areas of the world have high calcium water… everything would’ve been hunky dory. Another way of looking at it is that it was the best technology available until something better came along. Like UltraStream.” -Ian Blair Hamilton

Well, thank you! You’ve made it through my five points that can save you BIG $$$…

AND You’ve saved $200 on our special offer to you.

This link will take you to our special offer page, but I think you’d probably like to know more about the UltraStream itself, right? Like how much it costs, for instance? Just click on your choice below.

I think I’m ready to talk business. After all, I’m not spending thousands of dollars,

 Yes, I would like to look at the UltraStream in more detail before I decide.

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