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My story by Ian

I was asked today for ‘my story’ by the lady looking after our Facebook. She asked me what prompted me to begin my alkaline journey. It was something very male and uninspiring. I was introduced to my first water ionizer. It was a Jupiter Mavello, and a good friend brought it to our home. I was of course interested, but when Cassie tasted the water she was convinced that this water the best thing since sliced bread. Me? I followed on.

We obtained one and yes, amazing things did happen to both of us health-wise.

But what made me so interested in the health and diet aspect of my journey?

I had to think about it. Fifteen years of alkaline research has come and gone and it’s been an amazing and ever changing journey, but what has it meant to me?

My first thought reminded me of my weekly jaunt to the local Farmers’ Market where we buy all the vegetables we can’t grow ourselves. And every week I see an old acquaintance or friend. I’ve loved in Byron Bay for 30 years so there’s a lot of ’em. And frankly, every time I see them I shudder because the ones in my age group look like hell.

And yet I know from the feedback I get that I don’t look 69.

‘It’s the light in your eyes‘ says Cassie, but I am not being vain when I say that I DO look far better than most, and I DO believe that I look like I am because I’ve cared enough to make health my major focus over these 15 years.

Just one thing still amazes me.

The only time I’ve had a cold in 15 years was when I was travelling in Asia and unable to access my alkaline water and greens. Some say that you should have colds, but frankly, I’ll take my body compared to theirs, anyday. I (and Cassie) feel the wogs trying to get on board and they just seem to give up. I can’t remember a day off work I’ve had to have in 15 years.

 I believe Alkaline philosophy has also matured hugely over the 15 years,
and in the last two years my friendship with an amazing young biochemist called Tyler LeBaron has opened my eyes to what alkaline water is really all about. I have realised that much of what I was telling people was simply incorrect. Yes, alkalizing is important, but the really amazing changes of health we have witnessed in our clients over the years is, in my changed opinion, all about molecular hydrogen. You can read more from Tyler here.

cassieinitalyI’ve always been what the marketers call an ‘early adopter’.

This means I am always keen to research and test new products and technologies. This may sound good and exciting – and it is to me – but it carries the price of education because not all of us think the same way so it falls to me to become the educator as well as the innovator. Cassie regularly nails my foot to the floor so I don’t float off to next big thing. Luckily this time around, molecular hydrogen is my ‘early adopter’ project, and I have all those years of experience in opening up Australia to the benefits of alkaline water to guide me. And I really believe this is bigger than any other health advance in the last decade.

Personally I’m 70 this year. Cassie and I moved onto an acre of land last February about 12k out of Byron bay. I’ve discovered the joy of gardening and the meditation of weeding. I am an incredibly lucky man being married to Cassie – as my friends often remind me

I think my biggest influence is Cassie. She is 12 years younger than me and once told me that if I didn’t pay attention to my health she could see no reason why she shouldn’t put me in an old folk’s home when I begin to fall apart at the seams.

She is so right. It’s our obligation to those we love to attend to our health.

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