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Really, really good news for old farts and old farts to-be’s.

For years now I’ve had a piece of ‘knowledge in my head that has made me prey to all sorts of woo woo cures.

It’s the idea that our telomeres in our DNA ‘shorten’ as we get older, and that this is the reason for ageing and decline. The ‘woo-woo’ cures were always using some new ‘technology’ or ‘technique’ either from Russia or Tibet that claimed to use quantum physics to restore telomere health. Of course it’s a complete load of BS but I always looked at the adverts because fixed in my mind was a picture of my trillions of little telomeres randomly dropping bits off their strings.

So today’s news is very good news to me. The big news is that there is a reason that bits drop off them and that reason is something I personally can address. You see, news from  a team of experts from Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing and Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo is that INFLAMMATION is the cause of telomere destruction.

Why is that making me happy?
Because molecular hydrogen – the same H2 that our UltraStream adds to its pure water oputput, and according to published scientific studies, it’s a super efficient inflammation fighter. We are getting some great reports from users already (see our testimonials page).

In tablet form it’s classified as a sports supplement and Steve, our inhouse trainer swears by it. he plays two games of soccer each weekend and at age 45, he says he was never able to achieve this so easily.

There are some many books, studies and reports on the problem of inflammation. It’s already been linked as a precursor to many of our 5 star diseases – the ones that keep the Big Pharma industry so happy. It’s acknowledged as the big cause that no-one really takes much notice of, but just think; if the scientists are right, then H2 is the fabled ‘elixir of youth’.

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