The really nasty Mutagen X in our water.

Chloramine is the cheap alternative to chlorine now used in hundreds of water supplies. It has ‘sneaked in’ with authorities fully aware that if consumers knew the truth of it, they would be demonstrating in the streets.

At the retail side, you just don’t see it mentioned on retail water filter cartons. Why is this? Because it takes much better carbon with a massively larger surface area, known as ‘Catalytic carbon’ to filter chloramines. Obviously, this affects retail price, and got forbid the big brands to have to put their price up!

They KNOW that 99% of people are simply ignorant of the finer points of filtration.

It doesn’t even get filtered by reverse osmosis, but we are proud to say that we have lab tested the UltraStream/” title=”UltraStream”>UltraStream/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>UltraStream, which uses the special (and expensive) catalytic carbon and yes, it does filter it over the life of the filter!

So what is ‘chloramine’? Simply put, it’s a mix of chlorine and ammonia. Its advantage is that it doesn’t degas from our water like chlorine gas. It’s used for one big reason. It’s cheaper.

Are you ready to be shocked?

“When chloramines were put into use in Washington DC, lead levels 3,200 times EPA’s “action level” were found in drinking water. When several cities in California switched to the use of chloramine, kidney dialysis patients suffered serious consequences”.

Replacing chlorine with chloramine is like jumping from the fire into the frying pan, yet many large cities have already made the switch. You can read more about the public outcry against chloramine in this American Free Press at online article.