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A Pill to Cure Diabetes?

Following a new study recently published in the journal Diabetes, Cornell University believes they may be one step closer to treating diabetes with a human probiotic pill.

Lead researcher, Professor John March and his team discovered that using a pill containing common bacteria found in the human gut can shift the control of glucose levels from the pancreas to the upper intestine.

This initial research was carried out using diabetic rats but Prof March believes, “If it works really well in people, it could be that they just take the pill and wouldn’t have to do anything else to control their diabetes.” One wonders given the current evidence for requiring multi-intervention approaches, if that comment wasn’t more about getting in the next tranche of funds than an attempt to reflect a likely future?) The results of this research has left the team preparing to move onto the next stage – testing higher doses of the engineered probiotic in diabetic rats in order to see whether it can completely reverse the condition.

A spokesman for the website said, “Successful treatment makes all the difference to long-term health, and achieving balanced diabetes treatment can be the key to living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.”