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PFOAs or PFC’s in your water? The basics you need to know

We’ve been aware of the PFOA  and PFAS problem for some years, because we sell our own invention, the UltraStream, all over the world. and this post on our American website talks about the study that showed ALL Americans affected by this very nasty man-made toxin.

After the screening of the ABC program last week on the pervasive contamination of PFOA’s here in Australia we understand that many people just want to get rid of them. So here are the basic facts you all want to know.

No, not all water filters remove PFOA’s
Yes, our UltraStream water filter does

We consulted with the Water Quality Association of USA to make sure. Basically, cheap carbon filters will remove some PFOA’s. But given that these filters are the most commonly bought water filters in Australia, we can say confidently that most of these low-end filters are not really doing a good job. It’s a bit like cutting down on cigarettes rather than stopping them. So when we designed the UltraStream we simply instructed our USA engineer that we wanted the best possible approved carbon media available. We said “Don’t look at what it costs. Look at what it removes.”

We followed up with a test by Griffith University which is – as far as we know – the most comprehensive test performed on any filter in Australia. We wanted to know that it not only worked efficiently on Day One like other filter tests.. we wanted to know that it was still working on Day 365. So we calculated the litres a family of four would consume over a year and asked the lab to simulate this usage and then retest. The results are here for anyone to see. That was 3 years ago, and we have still seen no other product maker perform such a test. We went further. We sell the UltraStream in Europe, and their safety certification is the toughest in the world, so we sent the UltraStream to a lab in Brussels where they completed the arduous EU Certification tests protocol.

Now you know why we feel confident in what we say about the UltraStream. and.. why we sleep well at night!

When we consulted the WQA on PFOAs and PFC’s, we found that the better the carbon, the better the result. So knowing that the catalytic carbon we use in the UltraStream is up to 8 times more effective than the cheap granular carbon used in almost all shop-bought water filters made us feel great. The US company making the carbon also tested it to NSF approval standards, which entails a series of tests at regular intervals to assure uniform standards of manufacture. They informed us that their catalytic carbon also removes or reduces a large number of contaminants beyond the scope of ordinary carbon. One example is the commonly used (in Australia) and carcinogenic chloramines in place of chlorine. (Chloramine is a mix of chlorine and ammonia, designed to remain in the water longer than chlorine).

In summary, the UltraStream goes far beyond a normal filter. And we haven’t even mentioned its other attributes of alkaline and hydrogen infused health-supporting water.

So.. it’s going to cost you more than a local hardware store filter. But here’s the difference. You KNOW what you are getting.
Go here to check it out. And if you are in a declared PFOA area, this page will give you our special supporting offer.

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