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One Doctor’s Frustration at the ‘Cancer System’

The more I research the more circumspect I become about what I read. This includes everything I believe in, including alkaline diet, and the many claims I see made for its efficacy. I have my own history of thousands of people who have emailed me and told me of the benefit they experienced, but I still always stay open to anything I see or hear about alkalizing. I guess this is part reason for Cassie and I going onto a paleo diet after years on the alkaline diet. We both research continually and would hope that that will never change.

Because of my research, I now know and accept that some doctors just don’t get it. They can’t break free of their own fear-based application of medicine that cause them to toe the line drawn out by Big Pharma and the Government. Then there are others, Like Dr Mike Eades, who questions everything, and Dr Leonard Coldwell, who expresses his frustration in this open letter on his webpage. I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, but I hear loud and clear when a  doctor is ‘purpose-driven’ to change the way he or she acts. These are just two of many.

BTW, Dr Mike Eades’ video that tears apart an official press release on statins is exactly what I’m talking about. Strong, inquisitive and unwilling to take BS. Take a look.


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