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Nitrates in Bacon = BAD, right?

So how do we understand this?

Nitrates in beetroot juice could aid athletes by pushing more oxygen rich blood to muscles that need it. Not only that, it may have significant benefits for heart disease patients. A study in e Journal of Nitric Oxide, Biology and Chemistry says it can help redirect oxygen rich blood to ‘twitchy’ exercising muscles the ones we use for fast starts and big, explosive lifts.Beetroot juice may benefit athletes and heart failure

Researcher David Poole says:
“Even if you can only increase oxygen delivery by 10% that can be the difference between a patient being wheelchair bound vs. getting up and walking around and interacting with his or her family.”

Ian: we’ve had some quite amazing stories from users of Rocket fuel, our oxygen supplement which seem to confirm what this study is saying. And of course, beetroot/beets is quite alkaline.


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