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New report on the effects of molecular hydrogen in water on lung problems

I have a good friend who was quite an athlete. She was known as ‘The Runner’ at her gym BEFORE she contracted Lyme Disease. She could rack up 5km easily. Some years of intense healing followed and I remember how she looked at one stage. We really contemplated losing her, and she wasn’t running anywhere. I gave her some I LOVE H2  a while ago and she came in to see us last week.Her report is quite stunning. She says her breathing has dramatically improved and she is back running not 5 km but TWELVE km per gym session.

Today I received this new scientific report on molecular hydrogen in water (which is how I get mine, via my UltraStream). It’s convincing reading. Check it here.

Of course, I have to say for legal reasons that she was also doing everything else possible to assist her recovery and I therefore recommend that if you are contemplating trying I LOVE H2 that you also consult your GP beforehand. I LOVE H2 is imported as a sports supplement only.

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