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New Antimicrobial Substance is Ecofriendly, but how about acid water?


Because they’re known for being effective killers of bacteria, silver nanoparticles have been finding their way into a wide variety of antimicrobial materials. There are concerns, however, regarding the consequences of those nanoparticles being shed by the material and entering the environment. In particular, there are worries that through continuous low-level exposure to the nanoparticles, bacteria could develop a resistance to them.

Now, researchers from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology have announced the development of a new type of antibacterial material, that they claim won’t cause such problems.

My interest was piqued because only last week I demonstrated a small antibacterial water device that puts paid to the need to buy a $4000 water ionizer to get antibacterial water. The really cool thing about this small and simple to use device is that although the water is very similar in dirt busting properties, it;s not extremely acid like the water from an ionizer. Here’s the video.

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