Our National Water Quality Emergency: Is a water filter now essential?

flint-water-flintThe US has a water crisis. And we ALL need a good water filter!


This article spells it out very, very clearly.


“Hundreds of cities and towns are at risk of sudden and severe shortages, either because available water is not safe to drink or because there simply isn’t enough of it. 

The situation has grown so dire the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence now ranks water scarcity as a major threat to national security alongside terrorism.’

No, it’s not about the California drought. It’s about an aging water infrastructure that is falling apart at the seams. The millions of miles of water pipes needed to bring clean water to your kitchen tap are old.. too old. And yes, they are failing, more often than ever before.”

The stories abound, but the one that struck me was the mains leak under a cemetery. Enough said?

Adding to and multiplying the problem is the fast expanding list of ‘new’ contaminants that the EPA has alerted us to, but has not had the funds or capacity to recommend how to deal with these exotic new nasties. 

The one ray of sunshine in this otherwise bleak outlook for clean water is that water filtration technologies have been getting better.. and better. But it still means a certain level of interest to learn about these technologies, and to understand the steps we can take to protect our personal and family health.

We spend as huge amount of our time researching the latest water filtration technology. If everyone in Flint had an AlkaWay UltraStream, the advanced filtration media in the UltraStream could have protected them from this glaring example of the overall degradation and misunderstanding of our water supply. 

Here at AlkaWay we’ve always understood that good filtration is a bit like cod liver oil.
We all know it’s good for us, but none of us want to take it.

Because good filtration costs more (at least double) what a big box store water filter sells for, and because our ‘cod liver complex’ doesn’t want us to know something if it is (financially) unpalatable, most people decide to trust the Asian made cheap filter on sale almost anywhere. So our task here is to get you, our future customer, to understand the gravity and potential danger of drinking water with up to 600 contaminants in it. We don’t want to be scare mongers, but we have very few ways to convince people to buy a good water filter rather than more health insurance, the latest miracle berry, or nothing at all. 

It IS hard to learn and understand everything water filter people talk about, and it IS hard to get to a  confident decision point. One of the reasons people come up with for NOT buying a  better water filter is that they are scared of buying something that will be OK today but outdated tomorrow. When you are considering an electronic water ionizer this is a problem, because the system can’t be upgraded. That’s why when we sat down to design the UltraStream, we decided that we had to have the ability to upgrade our filtration for as long as our customer owns the UltraStream. because the filtration media and the hydrogen enriching media are in the same cartridge, we are able to vary the filtration every time we do a production run. So when we find a new technology with better filtration tests, we can add it in to your next filter replacement. In that sense it’s a forever future filter.

section21_2I do recommend that you take a few minutes to read the article. And Australians, don’t think it’s different here just because we are a younger nation. Our water reticulation system is in the same dilapidated state as the US. UK readers? You too!

I’ve written a post to help you understand the way water filters are sold  so you can approach any vendor pre-warned. It’s here.
 And if you’d like to go out armed with the right questions to ask any water filter vendor, us included, grab our free ’10 Points to ask your Water Filter Salesman’ report from the same page.

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