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My Response to a Woman Whose Sanity is Questioned Because She has her Kids on a Paleo Diet.

This lady has been on the Low Carb/High Fat diet.  In a previous testimonial she told the story of how her oncologist has  found that her benign brain tumour is now  shrinking.   She has had two scans and the latest scan shows it has shrunk even further.

Given this fact it is even more astounding that her husband can be so against her decision to feed her children the same food that is making her well.

Her Letter:

Dear fellow Candida sufferers,

Yesterday, my very dear husband did the unthinkable to me, he called CPS
(Child Protective Services) saying that I was malnourishing my children.
The CPS agent came and we spoke and he actually saw that it was a
ridiculous claim and he left. When my husband came home, he told me that
yes he had called CPS because the social workers at Duke University
Hospital where I am being seen for my brain tumor had forced him to do
it.Then he told me that we were going to see a therapist because my sanity
was in question, all because I don’t want to give the kids wheat, rice,
candy, etc, you know all of the good stuff.
So you know what….
I’ve decided to be hands off, and just to focus on myself because I know
he’ll see the grave error in his ways. Well at least I hope he does, that
is if he’s not hypolycemic or hyperglycemic and his judgement because
impaired because don’t forget he’s got Type 1 diabetes, (adult onset).

It’s hard to let go but I know that I must, at least just for the time
being. My parents are supporting him, my sister is as well and so is his
mother and so I am by myself.
What I need now are words of encouragement…


My Response:

Dear Christine,

I think you are absolutely right about your husband not being able to think properly. The fact he has adult onset diabetes is a very good indication of his brains inability to reason logically.
I am seeing this very problem everywhere I look. When people have carb intolerance, and still eat the very thing that is making them ill, they really can’t think at all well, which of course, is now found in most people who eat a SAD diet.
I see people on this diet who have become so much more intelligent due to proper nutrition and removal of toxins out of their day to day diet, such as wheat, high carb foods and chemicals in their food, drink and environment.

Given that your husband is not thinking well through being addicted to his food fix I believe it leaves room for understanding. I believe that this understanding gives room for forgiveness. “Forgive them Lord as they know not what they do” No truer words were spoken.

We are dealing with a society that is addicted to carbs, especially since the low fat fad where we have been encouraged to eat more carbs than ever! I and many, many others are dedicated to changing this whole way of thinking.
I have been all over the internet and I see the dedication is gathering momentum fast. There are doctors, dentists, cardiologists, neurosurgeons, lay people who have benefited, psychiatrists, paediatricians and there are hundreds and hundreds of them. We are not alone and it won’t be long before we are truly vindicated.
There are so many people who are now eating, low carb, grass fed meats, eggs, good fats, and reaping the benefits and truly wanting to share the good news.

The grain board is trying to get pamphlets into schools to get the kids hooked on grains (wheat being the main one of course). There is such a turn away from gluten they are really worried.
There are lots of studies funded by the big food industries and big pharma trying to show there is nothing wrong with their chemical foods. These studies are shown to be severely flawed by any scientist who is not being bought by the industries.
So Christine, we are blessed at least, that we know the truth and we aren’t being fooled by the propaganda any more. Kids learn by example and your good example is going to affect them more than anything. Kids are innately intelligent and given the chance are only too glad to have someone in their lives who can speak and act with congruency. These are people, like you, whose ability to think clearly has been restored with this diet.


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