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More regulation needed for diet pills?

The recent death of 45-year-old Chris Wilcock in the UK has turned the diet pill market upside down – again.

Plans are now on the table to re-examine how diet pills are currently regulated with a major sreview expected. The ex pub landlord suffered cardiac arrest, collapsing at home. He had taken a number of diet pills. It was later discovered that he had the caffeine equivalent to 300 cups of coffee in his body.

Robert Verkerk PhD of ANH International commented:

“Based on the reports, it sounds like the T5 tablets Mr Wilcock was taking were likely to have been adulterated. The typical caffeine level is a daily dose of most T5 products would represent around 2 cups, not 30 cups, of caffeine. There is actually ample legislation to ensure food supplements are safe, including EU general food, food labelling, hygiene and claims legislation. The problems that arise with safety tend to be with online rather than retail sales. The difficulty is more to do with enforcement than it is with the paucity of any legislation. It is notoriously difficult to monitor and regulate online sales, and, because of that, the main take home has to be that consumers only purchase products from reputable suppliers.”

Ian: Yep. Anything goes in the wild world of internet ‘cheaper’ deals. If you’d like a diet program with NO pills, perhaps you’d enjoy our Alkaline Diet and Defence Program. Sign on here.



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