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Is this what we have to look forward to?

Retrospective isn’t a great way to view health issues.
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  • If only I hadn’t drunk Coke every day until I was 20 (false teeth)
  • If only I hadn’t stood in front of the huge speakers at the Midnight Oil concert. (tinnitus)
  • If only I hadn’t been e vegetarian for so long. (osteoporosis)
  • If only I hadn’t spent so long ruining my eyes with glare off the sea as a Byron Bay fisherman (false corneas- fantastic!)


Now at age 69 I’m getting smarter (albeit slowly). I’m alkalizing, I’m eating good fats and red meat in moderation as per our New Alkaline Diet, but the recovery from my severe osteo, using megadoses of K2 is slow at my age.

But all of that is actually my own stimulus to love life every day. I am still astoundingly healthy and active, and the only thing I really did recently that took into account my bone health was refuse a tandem paraglide off the local 300 metre slopes.

I front up to work every day and enjoy it. I go home and work in our huge garden and LOVE it!

Which brings me to a retrospective thought. If I could have done it again, what would I have done? Obviously I wish I had known about alkalizing earlier in my life. I believe my skeleton would thank me for it. And I wouldn’t need to consider the idea of buying something like this.

(Or maybe I could buy one THEN go paragliding!)

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