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Leaky Gut or Intestinal Permeability- It Doesn’t Exist or Does It?

According to most doctors it doesn’t except in people who are really sick.

According to me it does as proved by using a test on my beloved using non digestible sugars to see if they leak into the urine. He proved positive.  Well, well, how surprising, not!.  My beloved is a Neolithic disease sufferer.  He is a classic case as not only has he lived a life where we were told that carbs were good for us (so he had eaten plenty of wholemeal bread) but he was also a vegetarian for many years.  This just amped up the whole process.


“I just discovered I have osteoporosis….how can that be?”

How many times have you heard this refrain or one like it?   My beloved is now discovering, at age 65 years, that what he thought about himself was not entirely true.  He saw himself as incredibly lucky, and yes he has been.  He believed he was blessed by incredibly good digestion and a very resilient body.

This reminds me of my mum. She also had a resilient body which gave her little trouble throughout most of her life.  She was the youngest of 5 girls and she was the only one have eaten less meat, not smoked, was a moderate drinker, did not drink much coffee and basically looked after herself a bit better than the rest. That is if you believe the latest food pyramid recommendations.  Yet she was the one that died of cancer years before her other siblings.    This seemed incredibly unfair to me at the time but now I understand!

She was a victim of our particular time when eating less meat and more whole unrefined carbs (the Neolithic diet) was supposed to be the best food for lasting health and longevity, as is my husband.

My beloved has become aware just lately that all was not as it seemed on the outside.

There are some people who just keep going.  Their bodies cover for them and manage to fake great health.  Then there is people like me who have a bugger of a time for most of their life.  Which one would I be if I had a choice?

Gut permeability can be classified as a proven medical condition, for which a clinical test now exists. Leaky Gut Syndrome can be a major factor in a wide variety of disease conditions ranging from auto-immune diseases to chemical and food sensitivities, irritable bowel and digestive disorders. FOS is the fibre of choice in leaky gut syndrome. It is a growth food source for Bifido bacterium which is not available to fungi such as candida albicans or other yeasts organisms in the gut. Other adjunctive supplements are: Serine butyrate, DGL licorice extract, N.A.G., Zinc ascorbate, Magnesium ascorbate, Vitamin A and GLA. Careful selection of food groups is essential during the healing process.

Leaky gut syndrome is an increasing problem due to ’21st Century Diet’ and the use of commonly prescribed drugs such as antibiotics and NSAIDs.