It’s Arrived! Your Complete Alkaline Balancing Answer.

What this is all about:
Ian’s essential Morning ritual
Our new Alkalizing Answer
Colds and Flu Season strategy
Maintaining peak hydration

Ok, OK, we know. Our last batch of Alkaline Booster wasn’t as good as we’d hoped. Once opened it became a bit er.. gritty in the bottom of my glass.

My Morning Ritual
I still had it without fail every morning because I knew the importance of maintaining my alkaline reserves to counter the acidity that modern stressful life is. And of course.. I’m 73 and I’ve been on the alkaline journey for 20 years so I’m rather committed because I’ve had 20 years of amazing health.

Believe me, I’ve walked every pathway possible to achieve a steady alkaline balance. Greens, (still use ‘em) lots of dark leafy greens, low carb, no sugar, Low fructose… alkaline water… They all help but…

There’s a bottom line I’ve come to.
It’s this: a synergistic blend of the four pillars of alkalinity is the foolproof way to keep my alkaline buffer charged up and ready to neutralise them nasty acids 24-7.

So.. along with my AlkaWay Super-absorbing formula Greens powder, I add a flat teaspoon of my Alkaline Booster.

AlkaWay New Formula Alkaline Booster

Now here’s the good news.
Erica, our amazing in-house naturopath, has been working very, very hard on the formula. There was nothing actually wrong with the formula before in nutritional terms. It had the best forms of each element based on her in=depth knowledge. But.. it was, as I said, and little gritty in the bottom of the glass.

So after many tries and tests, she has managed to find the ideal replacement form of magnesium that ISNT gritty! And.. one last BIG thing! It actually tastes better!

Colds Flu and More
I don’t have to mention that it’s coming up to colds and flu season. We all know there’s much more at stake these days but it always comes down to one thing: the body’s capability to counter acidifying inflammation. And THAT is why I take my Alkaline Booster every day! I love life too much to miss it.

If you don’t want to use it in water, use it in juice, in your smoothie, with your Alkaway Greens!

One last story!
When I lived in India at an Ashram, we worked hard every day. And some days were 140 degrees Fahrenheit! Luckily for us, and probably for the Ashram, we were able to keep working because we had as many alkaline electrolytes available as we wanted. I remember that awful giddiness of real heat fatigue. And I also remember the quite miraculous effect a glass of alkaline electrolytes gave me!

We don’t often talk about it, but a balanced backup of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium is essential for the body to retain its ability to actually absorb the water we drink.

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