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Is Your Water Ionizer REALLY Safe From Hard Water? A simple test to check.

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

calciumpipeWe read a great deal on electric water ionizer sites about their newest, latest and ‘state of the art’ self cleaning systems.

These are automatic wash or backflush systems that are designed to keep calcium accretion at bay. Each new model claims more and more protection against the ravages of hard water, but in our limited (13 years) experience NOTHING stops calcium accretion. The problem is not that the systems the vendors sell don’t work for the ionizing chamber. In our experience some do work very well… but we have seen calcium completely block the inlet port of a water cell, and completely block the hoses into and from the ionizing cell. Clean cell, sure. but water couldn’t even get into it!

Now given that the USA – one example among many – has a predominantly hard water supply, one would consider that a part of the testing of new water ionizers would be hard water accretion and ways to stop it not only in the chamber, but also in the hoses. But I have NEVER seen any test data on any water ionizer on this very big problem.

The natural water ionizer doesn’t have the same inherent problem because when you change the filter you change the ionizer as well, because it’s incorporated within the filter.

So this excerpt sent to me by a client makes interesting reading. It’s from a ‘cheat sheet’ to be used by MLM distributors to manage technical problems their customers may have. I wonder how many people know that accretion of calcium in your electric water ionizer voids the warranty? I mean, it’s hardly the customer’s fault. He or she read all about the high tech self cleansing system and naturally assumed that their water would cause no problem, right? Wrong.

Here’s a simple test to determine whether your electric water ionizer will have a problem with hard water.
Look inside your kettle. if it is coated with calcium, you WILL have a problem.

Here’s that pic I promised. warranty-detail-hard-water2

Sure looks like a hard water escape clause to me!
What do you think? Love your comments!


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