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Is Coffee OK? The Drink We Love and are so Addicted to!

Cover your ears if coffee is a daily essential!

When we drink coffee it goes into your stomach first, and it has an irritant effect on the stomach lining. The word ‘stomach’ here means the organ between your oesophagus and duodenum. It’s the pipe that fills the stomach, and the stomach. With leaky gut we often have ongoing inflammation right in the stomach and we suffer from reflux, indigestion, burping and heart burn. Drinking coffee, particularly on an empty stomach, will aggravate this situation. If you suffer from any of the above, do not drink coffee until your stomach has healed and your reflux and other symptoms in that area have gone for good. Once on your way to recovery one cup a day (on a full stomach! – so, at the end of a meal) is usually tolerated, but not by everybody. So, make sure that it agrees with you.

It’s my experience, even within our very health-conscious family, that leaky gut is a common but unknown problem. Along with toxins, it affects everything. Even when we do everything right, a leaky gut may persist well after we remove external toxins, and that’s why we need a diet that is specifically designed to heal the gut and keep us healing until we can once again savour the aroma of a fresh cup of long black!

What my real experience is I don’t need coffee like I did before. I can easily get through my day without this artificial hit, I know, I know, hard to believe isn’t it?

If you are a regular coffee drinker (even only one a day) have you experienced getting actually depressed,anxious, foggy brained, angry or just plain lethargic it you don’t have that coffee?

The truth is I was feeling that way because all those starchy carbohydrates were feeding the micro-organisms that were having a opioid like effect on my brain. These foods were making me crave more of these foods which were causing my unhealthy gut. Add to this the toxins made by the bad gut micro-organisms circulating in my blood and no wonder I wanted a coffee for an energy lift, a mood enhancer and brain boost.

So now I don’t need that coffee lift, I have energy, I am clear thinking and I am more balanced emotionally from good nutrition.