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Inflammation. The silent Killer

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

Identify and Eliminate Silent Inflammation Now.

Silent inflammation is a growing problem among all Westerners, especially as they grow older. Perhaps yours was caused by medications, alcohol, poor diet, toxic metals, chlorine or stress.
Do nothing about it and you may be leaving yourself open to more complicated health issues and diseases. If you already have any adverse symptoms that just refuse to leave, think about taking these steps to identify, eliminate and prevent body inflammation.Silent-Inflammation2

Identify the Symptoms
Chronic fatigue, recurring sinus infections, gastrointestinal issues, mood disorders and chronic vaginal and urinary tract infections are common symptoms. Add to that  headaches, dizziness, achy joints and sensitivity to chemicals used in perfumes, cleaning agents and pesticides. Your medico may recommend medications like Nystatin to eliminate external yeast, but it doesn’t always treat internal inflammatory sufficiently. This is the same with joint pain. Ibuprofen may relieve elbow or knee pain, but it’s isn’t designed to eliminate it.Silent-Inflammation3

Systemic Yeast
Systemic yeast AKA candida Albicans, a natural yeast-like fungus that occurs not just on the skin but in the digestive tract. Causes could be a poor diet, corticosteroids or stress. These can increase the levels of candida Albicans in your body and cause it to overtake the natural bacteria in your system. This condition is known as candidiasis, which can be the cause of many of the symptoms listed above. Many natural medicine practitioners say that if left untreated, candida overgrowth can even lead to various autoimmune diseases, such as fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome and even multiple sclerosis.

Check Your Diet
According to Dr Oz, one of the best ways to eliminate systemic yeast and reduce silent body inflammation is to start eating more alkaline foods.
You may like to look at reducing your intake of foods that are highly acidic, including dairy, white bread, oats, brown rice, cheese, pasta, sugar and beer. Most meats are also highly acidic, but the secret to success is to increase your alkaline food intake to counteract the acidic effects of the meats you eat. Thus, a balanced diet of less meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts can help reduce inflammation in your body. Even better, go gluten-free with your diet. Gluten foods, which contain wheat, rye or barley, tend to increase systemic yeast, especially for those who have allergies to gluten-laden foods.

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