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Are you into these Inflammation Foods?

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

Are the Foods You’re Eating CAUSING Inflammation?
Read this and check the end of the article for the ‘Untold Truth about these Foods!

 Here’s a quick quiz for you today to find out if your body is “on fire,” or chronically inflamed…

Mark down how many you respond YES to below:

 –> Do you feel stiff when you get up from sitting?

–> Are any of your joints sore when you fully move them?

–> Do your hands feel stiff?

–> Do any of your joints feel swollen?

–> Do you have unexplained nasal congestion?

If you answered “YES” to any of these you really need to read this..

What most people — and even most doctors — don’t know is that one of the major causes of pain comes from foods that you eat.   

Here’s what you should focus on removing from your diet

1) Sugar.
This one is obvious. Nothing damages the digestive track like sugar. The medical community is starting to agree on the fact that chronic inflammation often starts in your gut, the biggest part of your immune system.

2) Alcohol.
Alcoholic beverages damage your gut flora and liver when consumed in excess.

3) Grains.
Refined or not, grains are inflammatory. That’s even worse if you’re gluten-sensitive, like 10-15 % (depending on the sources) of the world’s population.

The phytic acid and lecithins in grains are a problem for most  people, even without allergies or intolerance.

4) Refined vegetable oil.
Canola, soybean, safflower, corn, and sunflower oils.

Even though these oils are advertised as healthy and trans-fat free, turns out the heavy refining which they go through destroy the healthy fats and turn them into highly inflammatory by-products.

You should also assume that vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil and corn oil are genetically engineered.

5) Pasteurized dairy.
75% of the world’s population is intolerant to lactose.  That’s because the pasteurization process destroys the healthy bacteria and enzymes in raw milk, and makes milk very hard to digest.

The Untold Truth about inflammation foods.

Here’s what we’ve coming to recognise over the last 15 years of helping people. Most people will read an article like this, agree, and do nothing. It’s not your fault.. we all live a life so saturated with marketing advice that according to Reis and Trout, marketing gurus, we now ‘edit’ out well over 90% of what we are exposed to. So you’re not to blame if you agree with this, have the symptoms, and do nothing. You are overwhelmed!

We also learned early on that many people bought a water alkalizer because they couldn’t remove these foods from their diet (or wouldn’t!) and so they viewed our water as a balancing mechanism. This certainly assisted them but it’s a big ask for alkaline water alone to overcome both inflammation and its flowon effects.

This isn’t a blame game: we have a glass of wine or a gluten free beer when we feel inclined, but if you’ve followed this blog you’d also know that Cassie and I and the AlkaWay team are all on alkaline paleo diets.

Coffs Triathlon Jacinta Smithers 020714.jpgcat alkalizerWhen we realised that our UltraStream – and our Recovery HydroFX tablets – both gave high levels of molecular hydrogen, and that perhaps the most outstanding effects reported in the 300+ scientific studies to date is inflammation reduction, things clicked. Both methods gave a lot more than our original water from our electronic water ionizers and we began to get reports from our users. perhaps the most significant form of report was the relief athletes experience from the ultimate imnflammation maker – hard training. Keegan Smith, performance coach for players on championship Roosters team reported lifting more, working harder in his workout and suffering less. Jacinta Smithers, trathlete, sent us one email:

“Thanks….I received the tablets this morning. 
I’m not sure if it is just a coincidence or if they give instantaneous results…I had 3 prior to my cycle this morning & despite being sore from the weekends training. I felt really good.”

Her next email followed:

“I have just finished watching the video (had only watched the first half before today)…

I was halfway through my training session and was trying to recall why I was feeling better… and then I realised the only thing that I had done different was the tablets…so it wasn’t a placebo because I wasn’t expecting a instant difference.
Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted.
So.. if you are one of the ‘Untold Truth’ people I’m referring to, why not give the HydroFx tablets a try? It will cost you $60 to try them out and we’ll send you our advice on dosage for free. It’s been accumulateds from the experiences of hundreds of people just like you. And if you’re not yet drinking good water, and you like the look of the UltraStream, we’ll throw in a  pack of HydroFX with your UltraStream order.


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