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Ian’s HealtheMail. July 2020

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

Once again, I’m not loading up your inbox this month.
Instead, I’m giving you all my latest on this page.

Here’s what I have for you:

1. The new acidifying, crystal diet threat.
2. The Alkaline Diet and Oxalates
3. My Writing Report.
4. COVID Overkill? What do you think?
5. Getting Serious About Hydration.
6. The Simplest Productivity System.
7. Even Big Guys Do Good Sometimes
8. Our 20/20 Vision.
9. The Complete Alkalizing Solution: a Primer
10. BLM and Each of Us.
11. Happy Customer of the Month

1. Breaking All the Diet Rules

Total Carnivore?
I’m becoming aware that personal attitude to my health is probably more important than any pill, potion, exercise or alternative berry, leaf or root. This video of a talk by Mikaila Peterson, daughter of modern philosopher Jordan Peterson blows all our vegan, vegetarian, omnivorian, alkaline, diet concepts clear through the roof.
View it here.

And if that resonates, this interview with her and her father is a HUGELY powerful statement of everything we fear about a future with depression.

It left me with a reinvigorated grit-my-teeth determination that my health – physical, mental and spiritual is MY RESPONSIBILITY!


2. The Alkaline Diet and Oxalates
The more I learn about my need to alkaline and maintain an alkaline balance, the more opens up to me. ..Or should I say, the more opens up to Cassie, my beloved researcher/partner.

Oxalates: An expansion of the need to keep alkaline and keep up my free radical protection.

Oxalates. Aren’t they the crystals in your kidneys when you have a kidney stone?

That’s the totality of my knowledge. But.. check this quote:

We just cannot find evidence that oxalate has a beneficial reason to be high in humans, or that human metabolism ever increases making oxalate to fulfill some need.

It is said that answers come at the right time. I’ve been perplexed at the number of my vegan friends exhibiting serious inflammatory ailments, and that they seem to never get over them. When you begin to explore the spreadsheet I’m giving you here you may see an answer. A large part of a vegan diet is LOADED with oxalates.

Perhaps this paragraph from the web page holds the key:

So why does nature put oxalate in plants that we might eat?

Plants use oxalate to protect themselves from infection or from being eaten. Oxalate crystals can tear up the “teeth” of the bugs that eat them, and the bugs will stop and leave the plant alone!

That's why oxalate is a good protection for plants that taste good to bugs, but they are a secret surprise for larger creatures who don't detect oxalate when they eat high oxalate foods, and who lack the ability to sense its toxicity and lack the means to protect themselves from oxalate's effects.

This web page is what the internet is really all about. It’s created by 3500 users, not Big Pharma, yet it has serious science roots.

I would suggest you take a look at it.

But.. I know.
I’ve just alerted you to yet another reason you may be unhealthy, and I don’t think that’s my role. As founder of Alkaway, of course, I’m looking at how our supplements and our water can help.

The closest I can come to that sort of help is to reflect on the absolute need to support our natural antioxidants and to keep our body stocked up with the vital big four alkaline minerals. I regard myself as sooo lucky to have access to our H2 water and tablets that are not antioxidants of themselves, but powerful supporters of our natural antioxidant, Glutathione.

So I’ll be continuing with my daily I LOVE H2 tablets, Alkaline Booster, and – here’s an amazing thing – our lower-oxalate-than-most Greens drink!
(BTW we have a special on Booster + I LOVE H2 RIGHT NOW until stocks last.)

More Info on Specific foods.
Here’s where you decide if it’s worth your time, because it isn’t that easy to get the (amazingly detailed) spreadsheet of their testing results. I am assuming that they are protecting themselves from challenges on the sources they have used. So here’s how:
Go to the Oxalate Facebook group here and ask to join.

Once signed in, you need to learn who to message to be joined to the Oxalates Spreadsheet group. And.. there are factoid units you must learn before they are going to bother with you. It’s a serious <No Tyrekickers> Group!

The Spreadsheet hugely comprehensive . Be aware, using it may cause major changes to your diet, followed by major improvements, in my own opinion, in health! I recommend downloading it into Excel where you’ll find all major food groups on different sheets, making it easier to navigate.

Here’s a tempter on what might change your mind about what you eat.

eggplant f3ee14065b57e72e5d39f34708c04343 800

Eggplant. A vegetarian staple.
(Anything with over 40mg of oxalates per 100g is regarded as bad/high/not good).
Eggplant has 275mg per litre.
Purple Sweet potato, 278mg/l.
The raw spinach we love to add to our Green smoothies? 1145mg/litre.

Cassie, my beloved health guru found this info, and vouches for it.

Let me know what you think.


3. My Writing Report

Here at AlkaWay we use and love Grammarly. It’s a word and grammar checker on steroids and it gives me a report on how my writing looks emotionally. Gotta share it!

grammarly f07b8c71d4c1035e471b9d6dc7a44214 800

Inspirational? Thank you, Grammarly!


4 .COVID-19 Overkill?
(Forgive the unintended pun)

handlepop e8dbc1de0a9a30c133f3d13eb2df3fa2 800

Would YOU carry these every time you go to the supermarket? Or would you simply use the sanitizer? And.. doesn’t the supermarket management now sanitize all carts daily?
Tell me what you think.


5. Getting Serious about Hydration.

If you are around my age.. have a think about this.

39 Million Older adults have experienced negative health issues as a result of not drinking enough.

10 Million Older adults have been hospitalized or treated by a healthcare professional as a result of dehydration.

$20 Billion potential USD cost savings to US Healthcare system if proper hydration is monitored and maintained at home. here in Australia, we have NO stats.

Older adults are more prone to dehydration with age because of decreased thirst sensation, decreased kidney function, medication side effects, and are more likely to be impacted by chronic conditions.

Dr.Debbie Chen’s discussion is right on the money in relating our brain power to hydration!


6. The Simplest Productivity System
I have been through (and paid lots for!) time and task management systems. These days I am back to paper, but this paper-based system is smart.. and simple.


7. Even Big Guys Do Good Sometimes.

Proctor and Gamble have seen a rash of lawsuits over the past decade due to environmental and health problems claimed against their product. So it’s heartening to see something they are doing that helps people without our luxury of clean water.


8. Twenty Years!

Sitting in meditation this morning my mind (as usual) tried to take over with the latest big idea. It’s our 20/20 vision.

20 20 ee064d858be49053ba5e034730a44543 800

I know of no other water company that’s been going so long here in Australia supplying leading edge water energy. And yes, I’m very proud of our achievement, and want to thank every single customer and every single team member.

My ‘big idea’ is simply the vision that we’ve done so well because of what we do. We have always endeavoured to research and understand our products thoroughly, give the best in customer support, and to really listen to customers. With that, I’m certain we can face the next 20 years with confidence and optimism.


9. The Complete Alkalizing Solution

If you’ve spent any time studying our website, including its HUGE Resource centre, you’ll know we spend a lot of time giving as much info as we can to you so you can make good decisions about your best alkaline balancing method.

You will also have noticed that we have a number of alkalizing products, which has created a little conflict for some visitors. So I’m going to try to simplify our products and their purposes so you can more easily decide how to alkalize best for you.

Here’s our Range of Alkalizing Products.

ALKALINEPRODUCTS 22e63856546f8417219cb8f02b499624 800

Alka-Beginners Take Note!

First step is to grab a pH test kit. With this you can test your saliva and urine’s acidity or alkalinity. There’s plenty of info on the website which will help you with the results.

I used your product as soon as I received it and was surprised to find out how acidic my body was. I have followed instructions from you and have now managed to be in the alkaline range and feel so much better. No longer tired all the time, nice to have energy again. Thank you for the test strips and your instructions for bringing my PH back to where it should be.

Afterwards, you can dive in deep with the UltraStream alkalizing water filter system , or for less $$, the AlkaWay Biocera alkaline water filter jug.

This is really excellent to see Alkaway stocking this lovely South Korean made jug filter and supplying the cartridges at a reasonable price!

If you don’t need a water filter, you can begin to alkalize your drinking water with AlkaSachets, or use the handy AlkaBalance drops to alkalize your water, juices or food!

Have put the whole family onto this we have it in our drink bottles and so far are happy with the way it changes the water to an alkaline level. Our daughter had been very acidic and already her Acidic levels have dropped and she is increasing to a good alkaline level. It’s easy to use just pop into drink bottle and leave it to do its magic!

Works very well to produce alkaline water without the unpleasant overtaste that I have experienced with other products.
~John Blacklock

For the full comprehensive 4 alkaline essential minerals in a dissolvable powder form, Alkaline Booster will power you for up to 90 days.

Great product that has helped immensely in controlling my pH level, eliminating the acidity in your body is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body.
~Steve Hopkins

Finally, if you aren’t getting the amount of alkalizing greens you’d like, Alkaway Greens powder in a smoothie daily is the ideal all-round alternative.

At last, I have found a palatable greens formula. Alkaway Greens is really easy to drink. I am getting the greens that my body craves in a very digestible dose. It leaves me with no unpleasant after-taste. I just mix it with water and drink it straight down. It is great value too in the really tall 600g size – twice the size of standards greens powders. Joanna, Ballina NSW

Personally, I drink my UltraStream water, and mix my AlkalineBooster with my Greens.
And I LOVE it! As most readers know, I’m 73 and PUMPING!


10. BLM and Each of Us.

As I watch the protests in America, now Europe, Australia.. I grapple with the task of self-examination of my own inherited prejudices. This video of a black woman’s discussion of her own Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is very powerful and opened my mind.

If you have the time, it’s worth setting aside an hour to watch.


Happy Customer of the Month (She had us worried for a moment!)

Note (as usual) this does not represent what will happen if you use the product. We always recommend you check with your medical practitioner when contemplating any change to your health regimen.

The hydrogen water did not do exactly what I expected..Let me explain:

I purchased the hydrogen pod by recommendation of a naturopath.
The main reason for the recommendation was the fact that I had to get an operation last year to remove a tumor in my knee.

The recommendation from the doc was to stay on the hydrogen water to fight free radical cells which was behind the forming of the tumor in my knee. A few days after starting the regiment of 2 x 400ml H2 water per day I noticed a drastic change in energy levels & stamina.

I also experienced a noticeable decrease in migraines which I usually encounter 2-3 times a week. I have not changed my diet and I typically drink a lot of water so the only change was the introduction of H2 water on a daily basis.I am a bit perplexed… Is this supposed to happen?

Can the H2 water have that dramatic effect on the body?


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