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Ian’s April Foolishness. Websites he wasted time on and enjoyed.

Click any link and be prepared to waste at least an hour!

  1. Focus! Can a simple wearable help you focus and train your mind? Here
  2. Interactive meditation is here
  3. Simplifying your Life. Let it Go!Here
  4. Kids not making decisions very well? Maybe this is why!
  5. Meet the parasites that control your brain
  6. Never got into the screen scene? Now you are in the elite! Here
  7. A good cleanliness idea, or simply over the top? Here
  8. Calories: who needs ém? A great article by Dr Jason Fung
  9. Speaking to the Water. An American Indian’s water story.
  10. Learn mindfulness by cartoon
  11. Oh Kayyy. There is a product for every need.Here
  12. Supercharged Food Lee does it again with a great recipe for Cauliflower and Broccoli steaks
  13. Your Gut Biome and cancer. Amazing news of the gut’s ability to fight cancer here
  14. Relying on a hospital to get you well? Hmmm.Here
  15. Accident, Maryland. A kool 18m film on a midwest USA town.Here
  16. Go on! I dare you to say you don’t want one of these!
  17. How it is and was in Nepal’s hidden kingdomHere
  18. A Very Thorough Guide to Quitting Coffee and Other Caffeinehere