Hydrated Skin: Does Alkaline Ionized water help?

ianperrugiaI’m 66 and an old surfer who burnt himself to a crisp for that last wave as a teenager. My Dad had the same skin, but hey, at 66 I’m still getting comments about my age so I must be doing something right.



alanogilvieFriend Alan Ogilvie,  told a lady over the weekend that he turns 60 next month…she was shocked!” How come you’ve got such young looking skin?”, she asked him. He answered “……drinking alkaline water since 1995 will do that to you..””

157832 1049563459 627971 qMarissa Mourningstaur has a similar story. “I always get comments about how good my skin looks at the age where most women have obvious wrinkles. All I can say is I’ve been drinking ionized alkaline water for 6 years … and living in desert climates … I think the water makes all the difference!”

Have you had a similar experience? I’d love to hear from you.