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How we are fortifying against Covid-19

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Here at AlkaWay we are a small, close-knit team. If two people can't make it, 25% of our workforce is lost and our workload is 25% greater.

So we like to look after each other, and we all use our products to stay active, healthy and immune. Our sick days are few and far between.

This morning I noticed that one of our products, the I LOVE O2 has taken a sudden leap in sales. We changed nothing on the website so it must be that people are researching on ways to keep up oxygen levels in the body.

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So.. I visited our product page and Wow! People LOVE it!

Love the rocket fuel, I work 14 hour days and train for soccer 4 times a week as well as heavy gym routine 3 times a week and i am always buzzing with energy. I had a month without out it and i couldn’t believe the difference. I drink 15ml 3 times daily and take it before i workout/train/play. My recovery is always quick too compared to the other players.
Luke Mesiti

I have been taking liquid oxygen for two weeks and have been impressed with the improvement in my energy levels. I have a chronic condition so it is not easy to assess if i am going to gain any further improvement. I shall continue to take product so watch this space.
Bev Mors

I am indeed finding that I have greater energy and vitality after taking the liquid oxygen for about 5 weeks now. I’m very happy with my results. Thank you!
~Kyla Wood

It is the magical solution to the skin fungus that I had suffered from many years, in addition to its other features! It is a very valuable product!
~Salim Al Tuwaiya

I asked Michael, our inhouse I LOVE O2 specialist, why this might be. He gave me more than enough. about this. Here's his comments.

Perhaps the most important action you can take to support your immune system is to make sure your body is getting plenty of oxygen. 

Oxygen has a role in just about every metabolic function in the body. Most people don’t realise that the body’s oxygen levels fluctuate throughout the day due to many factors – our fitness, wellness, workload, nutrition and even age. 

After peaking in our twenties, the body’s oxygen efficiency decreases by about 1% a year as we get older, and of course we slow down and become more susceptible. 

Our I Love O2 liquid oxygen supplement has been flying out the door recently just because more and more of our customers wake up to its benefits. They report feeling much more energised, more alert, recovering faster, sleeping better, and overall a highly improved quality of life. 

Athletes love it, and of course we all function the same as athletes (just some better than others), and actually the less fit we are, the more scope we have to improve with more Oxygen. When you use I Love O2 you are creating an environment inside your body that allows beneficial (aerobic) organisms to thrive and defends against the nasties, which are anaerobic (such as most harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi).

We have restocked – but supply is limited, so whether you’re already an I Love O2 fan or whether you’d like to discover it for the first time, please get your order in as soon as possible and we will help you and your loved ones get the best out of it.

Now.. back to our recommendations. I always check in with Erica, our inhouse naturopath and she made a really important point about AlkaWay Greens. Yes, she's hugely biased. After all, I asked her to formulate a Greens powder that was nothing like the run-of-the-mill store bought greens. I wanted to be able to tell people our Greens were better absorbed than the usual wheatgrass/barleygrass greens, and she certainly did that!

But today, she made a much more relevant point about using AlkaWay Greens:

"The presence of heavy metals in the body, especially mercury and lead, can increase the damage done by a virus in the body. In addition, heavy metals can impede the effectiveness of antibiotics and anti-viral medications. AlkaWay Greens contains herbs which can assist in the removal of heavy metals from the body."

So here's what we are suggesting.


UltraStream pure alkaline water for the essential hydration, AlkaWay Greens for antiviral protection, I LOVE O2 for maintaining your oxygen levels… and I ALSO take two tabs of I LOVE H2 for my hydrogen allround wellness.

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