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How to claim you can prevent cancer but not say so.

20 6 origHere at AlkaWay we are very, very careful never to say alkaline water prevents or cures cancer. Not just because there is a million dollar fine for saying so.. but I admit, that helps. But over the decade we’ve been operating we’ve seen and heard too many stories to ever say that one thing cures cancer. For one, there are hundreds of types of cancer. For two, there appear to be hundreds of prophylactic and remedial products – NONE with an outright guarantee. So given the billions spent on cancer research, how incredibly, naively presumptuous it would be for us to say alkaline water prevented cancer. Still some guys still try.. and the reason is obvious; there’s big money in a claim like that. With 1 in 2 women dying of cancer and 1 in 3 men, that means most people are your buyers if you can convince them.

Yes, we have many stories from our clients and some are apparently miraculous, but we also have the other stories of the people who die anyway.

I am of the firm belief that an alkaline balanced body has better immunity from all sorts of ailments but that’s not a testimonial or a therapeutic claim. It’s only my belief. General immunity is one thing; you can get it from Vitamin C, lots of greens and a balanced healthy diet. So when I saw this on the web from some guys in USA.. well, you make up your mind. Artful copy writing or naive misunderstanding?

After his 28-year-old cousin lost her battle with breast cancer, Taylor was looking for an answer. “As I was mourning the loss of my baby cousin, I decided to take cancer into my own hands and started doing research the next day after the funeral,” he said.

“…Subsequently, a family friend recommended he read a book called The PH Miracle, which prompted him to investigate even further. With diligence and determination, he found the answer he was looking for. “I went to my computer and I typed in, ‘can cancer survive in an alkaline body?’ and the first thing that came up was that every cancer researcher knows it cannot survive in an alkaline body, but survives in an acidic body. Literally, my life changed from that moment on,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s philosophy is that you can only prevent cancer and cannot cure it. “How many people in the world want a cure for cancer? Everybody does. It’s a trick by the definition of the word cure. Cure means something bad has to happen. The minute you go alkaline, you can prevent yourself from having to deal with it. You’ve been getting the wrong recipe of how to prevent it,” he said. The products are aimed to also help boost energy and aid in prevention of acid reflux, heartburn, allergies and much more.”

What do you think?


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