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Our high cost of keeping alive.

The news today is that health support costs paid for by our Australian government has risen by 74% over the last decade. It now equals a dollar in every five dollars of tax we pay. on top of that, the government asks that we also invest in provate health insurance. My monthly quaote is $600 – I have NOT taken it.

So let’s have a think about this. If you pay $20,000 in tax, you are spending $4000 of that on health. Yes, other people’s health.. but equally, your own health support buy the government. Add your monthly private insurance to bridge the gap between government health support and what you need…

And then I have to share what I see every day: the stubborn refusal of individuals to invest in their own health regimen. So when you break it down to basics, what these people seem to be saying is that they won’t (against all statistical probability) get a major disease in their lifetime,¬†and..

They rely on a government as their backup. And at the same time complain interminably about the government’s failure to manage the economy.

Am I the only one who thinks this is nutty? Is there some hidden ‘glitch’ in our logic that refuses to see some obvious things and absolutely trusts the totally untrustable?