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Your HealtheMail Blog post list

Lots happening these days behind the scenes.. with at least 5 websites to manage we’ve had to work out a way to post on them all at once.

It’s almost happening, with our US website becoming the one that ‘spawns’ all the other blogs.

Pharmaceuticals in our waterways. Here

Thyroid Health: Six factors. Here

Colon Cancer and H2: a new study. Here

Fluoride; Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics! Here

Totally toxin free test result for old Keith Here

The most alkaline food? Here

Our national water crisis. So who doesn’t need a water filter? Here

Daniel’s Technicolour pH test. Here

H2 and Alzheimers: what’s new? Here

The Dark Lord of Nutrition: Fructose. Here

Inflammation: Friend or Enemy? Here

Starting your Day with an alkaline breakfast. Here

Eleven ways to get h2 into your life. Here

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Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Tyler Lebaron IS Molecular Hydrogen. It must be six years before I ‘discovered’ him. He was on a facebook group talking about electric water ionizers and the fact that alkalinity wasn’t what gave us the benefit of the water they produced. He was facing serious opposition from people invested in the idea they had been sold on by their upline MLM-er.